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Reading Raffle

Looking for an easy way to celebrate reading? I use a "Reading Raffle" in my room! Here is how it works: 

1. Print off the Reading Raffle FREEBIE from my tpt store. Choose which style of slip you like most and copy using bright/colorful paper (I love using Astrobrights!)
2. Find a box, bucket, or container and attach a "Reading Raffle" label
3.  Decide on the rules to enter your raffle. Here are some ideas: Turning in a nightly reading log; Finishing a chapter or picture book; Passing an AR quiz; Passing a Reading Counts quiz; Answering questions correctly during Reading class (there are many possibilities-- you just need to decide what's going to work best for you and your students)

4. Decide how often you will hold the raffle (and how many names you will draw). I have mine every Friday afternoon-- the kids ask all day long because they are looking forward to it!

5. Lastly, decide what to use as a prize. Some teachers collect odds and ends from home (like old toys, books, etc.) to give away. Maybe you let the reader choose a $1 Scholastic book? I let my students choose a prize from our Dojo Rewards. Here is a post I wrote about some reward ideas-- feel free to browse! 
I hope this helps to stir up some reading excitement in your classroom-- I know it's been great in mine! Have a fabulous day! 


Setting Up Classroom Rules & Expectations

If you are a teacher you NEED to have your classroom management plan in mind (make it THE priority at the beginning of the year) In order for any learning to take place in any classroom-- there has to be rules and expectations. I like to make a list of the behaviors I value-- and think about the things that bother me. 

A well run classroom will always have a firm classroom management plan. You can create your rules ahead of time, or work with your students to write them (this can also help with student buy in). Ownership = more happiness!

I like to begin the first day of school with these activities (which I have linked below): 
Also, it's important to display your classroom rules for students (and guest teachers) to see. I go over my rules every day for the first few weeks-- and then at least once a week as a quick reminder. 
Once we establish our classroom rules and have those on display-- we move on to what type of classroom environment we want-- so we work on creating a classroom pledge! 
Your pledge doesn't have to be long-- but you should definitely include the behaviors most important to you and your students. 

Here's an example of a few pledge sentences:
Work with your students to set up the type of classroom you've always dreamed of having! Then, and this is important, stick to your rules and pledge. Hold them accountable. Practice, practice, practice. Be consistent and fair. And watch your classroom flourish!

Click HERE (or on the picture below) to access this resource for FREE in my free resource library! 

Click HERE (or on the picture below) to access the editable hipster dog rules: 

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