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Welcoming the New Year in Your Classroom!

I know it seems light years away-- but I am already planning my Christmas and New Year activities for my classroom! The last few weeks before break really fly by-- they usually include posting grades, making ornaments, planning a class party, and more! I don't want to get caught up and miss out on the amazing moments (like celebrating the new year)-- so that's why I plan ahead. Here a few ideas to help you plan, too!
1. Set the stage: I think we all know what this means! Go out and buy some cheap party horns, party poppers, confetti, and silly hats! If you are celebrating after Christmas break then everything should be on sale! I found these horns at a local dollar store for about $1 for 8! You could also buy some cheap plastic cups and sparkling cider-- the kids would go NUTS!

2. Turn off all the lights and replay the countdown timer from New York! I know you would be able to watch it on youtube! If you're uncomfortable with using YouTube simply drop the link into a website like "View Pure"  and it will edit out all the ads and bad things that sometimes pop up! Then, relive the countdown with your kids (not all of them stayed up to see it!)

3. Make a craft and set some goals! Now that you've celebrate it's time to set some goals for the new year! Here are some pics of the crafts I will be making with my students:

You can find this craft and mini book in my TPT store!

4. Do something kind for others. What better way to start a new year than by thinking of others? You could have students write "thank you" cards to school staff, local servicemen, etc. You could also spread some kindness around by giving out New Year treats to staff (or even your own students if you wanted)-- these free gift tags can be found in my FREE resource library (you can gain access after signing up for my emails)
5. Update your bulletin boards for the new year-- I love using this succulent themed goal board since it matches my classroom decor:
You can find this bulletin board set HERE in my TPT store!

I hope this post has given you some great ideas about how to ring in the new year with your students! I know I'm very excited to start fresh!

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