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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 3 (Elf Day)

Today was the 3rd day of Christmas! We started out Elf Day by reading this adorable picture book:
If you've never heard of it-- I think it's often overlooked! However, my kids were totally into the story-- and after I finished reading they even applauded! It's a sweet story about an old elf and how he needs to get the toys he's created to Santa.

After reading we filled out a graphic organizer and wrote about what we would do if we were elves.

Next, we had some small elf-sized candy and worked on an adorable directed drawing from Learning with Mrs. Parker. Here are some of our end pictures!

Lastly, I created some winter themed brag tags-- and a few of them are "elf" themed:
Click here (or on the picture above) to see the brag tags in my store! They are on sale 50% off for the first few days! Hope this post gave you some good ideas!

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