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Teaching the "Right" Time to Ask a Question!

Perhaps I'm the only teacher with this struggle: It seems as though I wear a student magnet to school-- because the way my students flock to me (and to my desk)-- it sure does seem that way!

Well, honestly, it's not so much fun as it is frustrating. Sometimes we are just getting into a lesson when a student has a random question like, "When is lunch?" and "Can I use the bathroom?" 
You are just getting into your groove, you ask them a question, you see a hand raise-- it's not about your lesson... Drives me a little crazy. Anyone else?

My thirdies are having a hard time recognizing social norms. I am constantly teaching them the right way to act in certain situations. Here are some examples: 
1. When I'm talking with someone else, please do not come up and talk to me. I cannot hear 2 conversations at once. Plus, it's rude to interrupt.
2. When we're taking a test, you cannot get out of your seat to come ask me when it's time for recess. 
3. When we are starting a whole group lesson-- it's not a good time to get up and get a drink from the water fountain or go searching across the room for a pencil.
4. When you come in from recess it's not ideal to flock to my desk in a group and all start talking about different things. 
5. When I'm giving directions, that is also not a good time to interrupt. 

Basically, they need help recognizing when it's ok to come and ask-- and when they need to wait. Here is a little printable I made to help them recognize those moments! I printed it front/back on cardstock, and then stuck it in a "Tolsby" frame from IKEA. These frames literally cost $1. So worth it! 
You could easily hang it from a magnetic clip on your board too! (I've also included a larger version more like a poster) You can click above or on the pic below to snag a copy :)
I hope you can use it too! But perhaps your kiddos are a little better at observing proper times than mine are! Fingers crossed! 
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