August 10, 2016

Printing Posters Made Easy!

Hey guys! I'm so excited because school is almost here and my room is almost ready to show you! 

The last few weeks I've become OBSESSED with making my own posters! I take everything that is usually one page (or even smaller!) and blow it up into a poster! I print it at home, glue the pages together, and then take it to school to laminate. It's amazing! 

Here are some of the posters I've made this summer: 

If it looks good on just 1 page-- imagine how much better it will look on a giant poster! Here are the steps I take:

1. Always print from a PDF. So save it as a PDF or open it in PDF first.
2. Click "Print" in the file options.
3. Decide which page you want as a poster and type that in the "pages" box. So right now your page looks like this:
It shows the one page I have selected-- and it's going to print as 1 page.
4. Click on the word "Poster" below page sizing options:

Now it shows my 1 page item printing onto 6 pages (I selected "cut marks" to see where to cut). However, I don't WANT to make my poster quite that large. 6 pages seems extreme. 
5. Now you get to play around with the "Tile Scale" until it reaches a size you like. I prefer to print on either 2 pages or 4 pages. I try different percentages until the picture in the image looks like what I want: 
Now my print preview is showing 4 pages of paper! Perfect! 
6. Click "print" and cut/assemble your poster! 

Here is my finished product ready for the first day of school! 
You can snag these first day of school posters in my TPT store for free! I have one for many different grade levels! 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope I helped you learn something new! 


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