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Gobble Till You Wobble (Plus a Thanksgiving FREEBIE!)

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving! If I were rich, I'd probably spend all my money on cute turkeys and Thanksgiving decorations! 

Coming up this week (the week before Thanksgiving break! Hello!) I have some fun activities planned for my sweet little 3rd graders! Here is a quick snapshot:

We are going to read some of these adorable picture books:
We are going to be working on making these cute turkeys from Primarily Speaking! (Oh, and did I mention that she put this on her blog for FREE? So amazing!)
For small groups in reading we will be using these books-- which I ordered a smaller set off Amazon (thank you, 2 day prime shipping)-- and created a fun comprehension sheet to go with. They are only $2.50 per book, which really is a great price: 
Click HERE to get access to my free resource library-- where you can find this freebie for your own classroom!

Next, I purchased a fun, interactive notebook from "Not So Wimpy Teacher" on Teachers Pay Teachers. I've already copied the pages and have them ready to go for next week! If we run out of time in reading, we can most definitely use them during Social Studies!

For math I will be using a few different things-- you can find them in my TPT store. One is a multiplication center involving matching turkeys and their feathers:

The other is a simple "Jeopardy" style game that my kids LOVE every year. Click here to check that out! 

I think my week is all set! What are your favorite Thanksgiving activities to do with your kids? Please share ideas and links to products in comments-- I am always looking for something new! Thanks for stopping by-- hope you have a blessed week!


Five for Friday (Nov. 6)

I've decided to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday! 

So here are the things I loved this week!
These "Marius" stools from IKEA. 

A few weeks ago my husband and I took a trip and visited an IKEA-- I found these stools for only $5 apiece! I just knew they would fit perfectly under my student computers-- and my kiddos ADORE them. They want to sit on them all the time-- even at their regular desks. And for $5 you can't beat the price-- so I highly recommend them!
This week was my birthday-- and my lovely husband made me a cake. I loved it!
I also got a new Keurig for my big day-- it's so beautiful and makes lovely coffee!
 This week my school had it's annual book fair! I was so excited, I spent over $20 (and could have easily spent more). I bought this hilarious book for my nieces and nephew-- have you read it? Apparently it's part of a series!
Lastly, my kiddos created these cute little freebie Crankensteins from Teachinginhighheels for Halloween. They loved the book and craft! I can't wait to make turkeys with them!

Hope you have a blessed weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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