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Multiplication (Multiple Ways)

We have officially started learning our multiplication facts in class! We started with our easy ones (0-2, 5, and 10)-- but starting this week I plan to move on to 3's, 4's, and 11's.

I was getting tired of giving my kids the same type of practice: flashcards, bump, or worksheet-- so I created a few new activities to incorporate into my centers! I am excited to use them! I've already used the "Spin-an-Array" activity-- so I know they kids like it!

Here are some examples of what comes in the download:
Easy to use stickers, candy, or another object to show arrays or equal groups. 

I've included black and white along with colored versions!
 The last part is my favorite! I printed off 2 sets on colored paper so that my center groups won't be fighting over pieces-- and it'll be more of a partner activity. I included an answer sheet to hold students accountable.
This last page lets students create their own puzzle pieces.
I am excited to share! You can find this in my TPT store-- it'll be on sale for $1 for today and tomorrow only-- so snag it while you can! Click below on the product below to see it:
What's your favorite way to have your kids practice their facts and multiplication knowledge? Thanks for stopping by-- hope you have a blessed week! 
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