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The Magic of a Flipbook

I love the idea of flipbooks! All your "need to know" facts in one location. Plus, there are so many different ideas and concepts you can use flipbooks for-- math, science, reading, social studies, grammar, etc.!

My most recent love, however, doesn't involve flipbooks and students-- but rather-- flipbooks and adults! Here are two FANTASTIC resources you can purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers to use in your own room:

1. Meet the Teacher (Editable Flipbook)
This has been one of my favorite back to school purchases. Plus, I made sure to make 3 extra books in case new students move in throughout the year and need the info! This little beauty was created by the wonderful "Learning in Wonderland" and can be found here. It's so easy to edit. The only issue I had was figuring out how to copy the pages correctly for the folding. But once I had it down it was easy!

2. Editable Substitute Flipbook
I'm keeping this little treasure in the "substitute folder" my school requires us to keep in the office. It was also editable, and easy to change for my needs. I had it typed out, printed, copied, and stapled in under 30 minutes. This one came from "Chalk and Apples" and you can find it here.

There you have it-- some of my most favorite recent purchases!

Please share some of your favorite purchases in the comments below-- I would LOVE to find more valuable resources! Have a blessed week!

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