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Brownie Points (A Cheap Behavior Management Strategy)

Last year I noticed something about my 3rd graders-- when they were in my room, they were behaved wonderfully. But then they would go to PE, Art, or Music-- and return with a report that we "weren't listening" or "couldn't line up quietly". Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with these reports.

I noticed a fellow teacher had this pan hanging on her wall that said "Brownie Points"-- so I asked her what that was about-- and she told me. I LOVED it-- so I made my own pan. Here is mine:
 So how do "Brownie Points" work? It's very easy:
1. Every time students go to Art, PE, or Music- they are scored on a scale from 1-5 (this is a system put in place by my school). It helps classroom teachers know how well their students behave outside the classroom. 
2. If students come back with 5 points-- they get a "brownie point". 
3. When the pan becomes full with "brownies"-- the teacher brings them a treat.

In order to make mine, I scoured TPT for FREE Brownie Point printables-- and found many different options. I also bought a cookie sheet from Walmart for about $1. (I'm sure you can also get them at Dollar Tree or Dollar General). I actually used 2 different "Brownie Point" printables. For the wording I used this one. And for the brownies I used this one. I laminated the pieces and bought sticky round magnets for the backs of the brownies.

In order for my kids to earn a reward-- they must fill our pan with 16 brownies. You can adjust it to your students' needs or ages. You don't have to give them sweets-- it could be some other reward. My school doesn't ban sugar-- so I just buy mine some form of Little Debbie snack cakes. 

Hope this gives you an idea for behavior incentives outside your classroom! Have a blessed week!

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