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Birthday Tub Fun!

Today I was sitting in my classroom making birthday goodie bags-- I don't do candy for birthdays-- instead I usually give them something like a special pencil, bookmark, and birthday brag tag!
Anyway, I realized I needed a place to store them. I feared if I put them in a shoe box on the shelf I would forget about them! So I found an empty ice cube tub and put the bags in there! They fit perfectly!

In case you're wondering-- the ice cube tub came from Walmart and cost around $1. The brand is "Mainstays" and it's on the row with the dish drying racks.

I then decided I needed a cute label for my tub-- and why not put student names and birthdays on the side as a reminder of their big days. So here is the end result:
I left blank spaces just in case new students move in throughout the year-- but I LOVE how it turned out. So bright and fun-- and that confetti paper is one of my favorites! (You have to check out "Sonya Dehart Design" on TPT!)

Want to make your own "Birthday Tub" for your goodies? Hop on over to my store and check out my lables-- there are 3 basic kinds with 2 different frames.

I've included editable PowerPoint and the PDF (if you just want to print and write in names). Click below to check them out!


  1. I love this idea! So practical and such a timesaver!!

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping it'll help me keep track of birthdays better this year!

  2. I am so bad at remembering student birthdays! This is a perfect idea to help me be more prepared for them! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this! I just purchased this and I am looking forward to making this for my classroom. I love your blog design. 123kteach

    1. Thank you, Regina! I'm quite in love with design myself :)

  4. I made my Birthday Tub and posted a picture of it on my blog. I gave you a big shout out with a link to your store. I hope you do not mind. Please visit my blog and check it out. If you do not want me to publish a picture of your tub on my blog, please let me know an I will remove it. I am now on my way to enter your contest. Best Wishes! 123kteach


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