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Brownie Points (A Cheap Behavior Management Strategy)

Last year I noticed something about my 3rd graders-- when they were in my room, they were behaved wonderfully. But then they would go to PE, Art, or Music-- and return with a report that we "weren't listening" or "couldn't line up quietly". Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with these reports.

I noticed a fellow teacher had this pan hanging on her wall that said "Brownie Points"-- so I asked her what that was about-- and she told me. I LOVED it-- so I made my own pan. Here is mine:
 So how do "Brownie Points" work? It's very easy:
1. Every time students go to Art, PE, or Music- they are scored on a scale from 1-5 (this is a system put in place by my school). It helps classroom teachers know how well their students behave outside the classroom. 
2. If students come back with 5 points-- they get a "brownie point". 
3. When the pan becomes full with "brownies"-- the teacher brings them a treat.

In order to make mine, I scoured TPT for FREE Brownie Point printables-- and found many different options. I also bought a cookie sheet from Walmart for about $1. (I'm sure you can also get them at Dollar Tree or Dollar General). I actually used 2 different "Brownie Point" printables. For the wording I used this one. And for the brownies I used this one. I laminated the pieces and bought sticky round magnets for the backs of the brownies.

In order for my kids to earn a reward-- they must fill our pan with 16 brownies. You can adjust it to your students' needs or ages. You don't have to give them sweets-- it could be some other reward. My school doesn't ban sugar-- so I just buy mine some form of Little Debbie snack cakes. 

Hope this gives you an idea for behavior incentives outside your classroom! Have a blessed week!

The Magic of a Flipbook

I love the idea of flipbooks! All your "need to know" facts in one location. Plus, there are so many different ideas and concepts you can use flipbooks for-- math, science, reading, social studies, grammar, etc.!

My most recent love, however, doesn't involve flipbooks and students-- but rather-- flipbooks and adults! Here are two FANTASTIC resources you can purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers to use in your own room:

1. Meet the Teacher (Editable Flipbook)
This has been one of my favorite back to school purchases. Plus, I made sure to make 3 extra books in case new students move in throughout the year and need the info! This little beauty was created by the wonderful "Learning in Wonderland" and can be found here. It's so easy to edit. The only issue I had was figuring out how to copy the pages correctly for the folding. But once I had it down it was easy!

2. Editable Substitute Flipbook
I'm keeping this little treasure in the "substitute folder" my school requires us to keep in the office. It was also editable, and easy to change for my needs. I had it typed out, printed, copied, and stapled in under 30 minutes. This one came from "Chalk and Apples" and you can find it here.

There you have it-- some of my most favorite recent purchases!

Please share some of your favorite purchases in the comments below-- I would LOVE to find more valuable resources! Have a blessed week!

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1,000 Followers & New Blog Design Giveaway!

I am so excited to share my great news with everyone! A few weeks ago (sorry it took so long, but I've been working away like a busy bee in my classroom!) I finally reached my long time goal of 1,000 followers in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!!! I am so excited!

For about a month now I've been planning a fun giveaway-- ordering items and buying things in my favorite stores-- and then I hired "Blogs Fit for a Queen" to redo my hideous blog-- and they did a FANTASTIC job! So I'm excited to share that too!

Because of these fantastic announcements I officially have 3 wonderful prizes in mind to give away! Lucky thing is-- if you follow me already on social media-- then you can easily enter to win! :)

The first giveaway is a goodie basket full of some of my FAVORITE things! Here's a quick snap of what's included:
I've included ALL types of items-- even if you're not a teacher you can probably always use some Mr. Sketch scented markers, adorable clothes pins from Target, and chevron note cards in your life! I know I do! I bought almost 1 of everything seen above for myself!

The 2nd prize is to celebrate my beautiful blog makeover! For this one I thought I'd give away something fun and pretty from Etsy-- so the winner will get a personalized sign! 

Now the problem with Etsy is that sometimes the things I see on there today will be sold tomorrow-- so if you win this one-- we will have to work together to find a creator and get your sign ordered. Here are a few examples of signs that I keep on my "favorites" list:
The third (and final) prize will be a $10 shopping spree to my TPT store (I know, not nearly as exciting as the other 2 prizes-- but better than nothing, right??)

Be sure to enter the rafflecopter for you chance to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you for stopping by and checking out my new blog! Hope you have a blessed week! 


Brag Tags: How to Use, Store, and Manage Your Tags

This is the first year I'm going to try "Brag Tags". I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the name-- since we usually give the word "brag" a bad connotation (especially in school)-- but I am planning on starting the year by discussing what "bragging" really is. What does it look like? Sound like? Who might do it? 

Then I'm going to move my students toward a discussion that it's alright to feel proud of yourself-- just as long as you're not doing it at someone else's expense. The lesson I want them to carry with the brag tags: It's great to be proud of your accomplishments. And it's ok to be proud because my teacher is proud of me. 

Thus-- I don't really have issues with the name. It's all in how you set it up! 

Here is my brag tag board at school:
I'm going to hang student necklaces using pushpins. I'm also planning to probably staple a few tags around the board-- just to fill in some of the white space. 

This board sits right next to my Class Dojo board (I'm sure you've seen the pics before):
I am going to attempt both this year! I think it's going to be fun!

I finally got my brag tag necklaces ordered. I got mine from Etsy-- but there are millions of places you can find them:
And I bought some tags off of TPT (check out "Lucky Little Learners" for some great ones!)-- and made some for my own kiddos. I finally got them ALL printed, laminated, and cut out. I am storing them in this organizer from Lowes (around $19):
Here are some of the tags I made (like the Dojo ones on the bottom of my organizer)-- and these adorable "Happy Birthday" tags (you can find these in my store)
I've also got some fun dinosaur themed tags-- I know the boys will love these! To read more details visit my store
Have you ever used brag tags before? I'd love to hear who you buy your tags from-- I'm always looking for new ones! Or how you manage your tags!

Thanks for stopping by-- hope you have a blessed week! 


5 for Friday-- August 7

This week I'm once again linking up with Doodle Bugs  "5 for Friday" linky party!

 So here we go! 
The first thing I want to write about is this:
I was so excited when my FREE tshirt came in from "A Plus Images"! That's right-- I got a FREE shirt with my TPT logo on it. 
 Why? Because they're awesome. For awhile there were having a fantastic deal that offered all teacher bloggers a FREE tshirt with their logo on it! So cool-- I'm not sure if the promotion is going on-- but you can check out their website and see! They also have a really cute way to let your students draw self-portraits and then turn it into a class tshirt! So fun!
 My western welcome bulletin board-- with my larger than life Krista Wallden Creative Clips horse is making my week! 
My first attempt at brag tags! I LOVE how they turned out-- and I know my kids will love them too! Class Dojo is all the rage right now!
I'm loving my "First day of..." signs that I made! They span from Prek-6th grade. I always have my kids hold the signs and take their pictures that first day! It could be a fun gift to give parents at the end of the year if you put it side-by-side with an end of year picture! It's crazy how much kids grow in 1 year! You can get your sign HERE!
Lastly-- about 2 weeks ago I reached my HUGE goal of 1,000 TPT followers! I have a big giveaway planned-- so keep your eyes peeled-- you won't want to miss out!
Thanks for stopping by today! Have a blessed weekend! 

Birthday Tub Fun!

Today I was sitting in my classroom making birthday goodie bags-- I don't do candy for birthdays-- instead I usually give them something like a special pencil, bookmark, and birthday brag tag!
Anyway, I realized I needed a place to store them. I feared if I put them in a shoe box on the shelf I would forget about them! So I found an empty ice cube tub and put the bags in there! They fit perfectly!

In case you're wondering-- the ice cube tub came from Walmart and cost around $1. The brand is "Mainstays" and it's on the row with the dish drying racks.

I then decided I needed a cute label for my tub-- and why not put student names and birthdays on the side as a reminder of their big days. So here is the end result:
I left blank spaces just in case new students move in throughout the year-- but I LOVE how it turned out. So bright and fun-- and that confetti paper is one of my favorites! (You have to check out "Sonya Dehart Design" on TPT!)

Want to make your own "Birthday Tub" for your goodies? Hop on over to my store and check out my lables-- there are 3 basic kinds with 2 different frames.

I've included editable PowerPoint and the PDF (if you just want to print and write in names). Click below to check them out!


Using Class Dojo as a Classroom Economy!

Good morning! Have you ever used Class Dojo? If you haven't, you definitely need to go to their FREE site and watch some of their promotional videos. I've been using it for about 4 years-- and every year my kids LOVE it!
 So what is Class Dojo? It's a website that you log-in to from a computer (they also have free apps for iphones and ipads!)-- you create a class. If you have 1 class, that's fine. If you have 7 classes-- that's also fine. You can make as many classes as you need. You can input student names and give them little monster characters (my kids love picking these out). Here are a few examples:
Then you can set up "reward points" and give them out during class. There is also a way to give negative points-- but I always try to find something positive! Anyway, here is how I use it with an economy system in my classroom:

1. I begin each Monday by clearing out student points (everyone starts fresh at 0).
2. I hand out points throughout the week based on behavior.
3. On Friday afternoons I hand out fake "Dojo Dollars" to match point value. For example, if John Doe earned 12 points that week, he gets $12.
4. Students can trade in Dojo Dollars for fun/free rewards on my reward posters (which I post in a bulletin board in my room).
5. I keep track of weekly points earns using a little excel chart with student names.

I love the Dojo Dollars because it doesn't require me to constantly keep track of/subtract points. Plus they love the feeling of going "shopping"! I always tell my kids-- if you lose your money I can't repay them-- to hold them more responsible.
Here is my bulletin board:
For my "100 Points" club-- there is a way on Class Dojo to check overall points earned. When a student has reached 100 points-- I have printed out/laminated mini Dojo characters-- they get to pick one! I will write their name on it and staple it to the board. (This is new for me this year-- but I'm excited!)

Here are my Dojo dollars-- all ready to go!
Click the pictures below to purchase your own set of templates and design to your fancy! 

Hope you can utilize these items in your classroom and make management more exciting and fun! 
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