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Top 10 (TV Edition)

So on a typical Friday night (or any night, really) you will find me sitting on the couch-- computer on my lap-- TV playing in the background. If it's a show I L-O-V-E and I haven't seen the newest episode, I will put my computer away.

But sometimes you just want to hear something as you work. That's what most of the TV shows on my "Top 10" are from...

Don't judge me-- I still like to live in the past and rewatch some of my all-time favorites (like Gilmore Girls). Also, my husband and I are too cheap to put in satellite or cable-- so we have only Netflix (which we share with my parents) and Hulu. Thus-- not everything on my list is new.

Here are my top 10 go to TV shows (I highly recommend ALL of them):
As I look my list over-- I seem to have a weird fascination with teen dramas and reality TV... hm...

If you want to read more lists-- because you're looking for a fantastic new show-- head on over to The Third Grade Nest and check out her link up party! She even has the graphic so you can make your own list and share it.

One last question: What's playing on your TV right now?


  1. Love it! Glad you had fun, Anna!

  2. I am watching a movie called The Good Guy :) Rom-Com I think, but I am not into it far enough to know yet.

  3. I can't believe I didn't think of Friends! I love that it's on Netflix.

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