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Five for Friday (Linky Party)

I haven't done one of these in awhile-- and since I'm trying to get back into my blogging habits-- I thought I would participate! Click the pic at the top to be taken to ALL the other fabulous "Five for Friday" blog posts!

This week I made myself a promise that I would try and work on something for my TPT store every day. Even if I didn't get it finished-- or I only worked for 5 minutes on something. I've gotten a LOT done this week! I love making strides! Here are some of my finished products:
This little cutie is one of my favorites! I love dogs-- and anything dog related-- so this baby is packed full of dog-themed games, printables, and MORE! Here are a few previews:

I also finished up a new Journeys Product:
Click the product covers to find out more! :)

I've been obsessed as of late with new school supplies (go figure). I've bought myself the cutest little erasers at Target:
Also-- Amazon has AH-MAZING deals on packs of Ticonderoga Pencils (Like 96 for $13) and 16 assorted Expo markers for $12. I had to get me some of those!
I've been trying to start running again! My goal is to finish a 10K-- but I don't have a running partner. Only my dog. Who happens to have short legs... So is it mean to make her run that entire distance? So far I'm up to 25 minutes at a time-- which is good! My Nike Run app rolled over 500 miles this week-- so that also made me happy!
I finished some crate seats this week. Totally been on my to-do list for 2 years. I just never had enough $ to be able to afford the materials! I made a few-- and I love them already!
I love Donor's Choose! Occasionally I hop on the site and see if there is a project that lacks a small amount of funding- which maybe I could help supply-- before their time limit runs out! If you haven't been to the website-- you should check it out. And if you live in a high poverty area then you should figure out what your students need the most and start a project. I had one funded about 3 years ago for leveled reading books and book bins. It was amazing and so touching to know that people cared!

Not much else-- summertime and the living is easy!


  1. I to have packs that need to be completed - and it is hard when school is back.
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

    1. It's so hard when school is in session! I find I spend my weekends creating because during the week I'm too tired!

  2. I joined a running group. I finished my first half marathon this past April. Running is a great way to release our teacher stress. Happy running ☺️


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