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Makeover Madness

Ahhhh... sweet summertime! So far I've definitely had the type of summer where I PLAN to do a million things. Especially for my TPT store... And then I find about a million other things I need (or want) to do instead.

I decided to challenge myself and join a "TPT Seller Challenge" hosted by some lovely TPT authors like myself. The catch is this-- every week they will post a challenge, and every week I will do my best to complete it. Seems simple, yes?

This week's challenge is one I thoroughly enjoyed! A makeover challenge! I am defintely not one of those girls who has particpated in a major makeover (beauty-wise), but I DO love making over my old, ugly TPT products. Especially when they are some of my first products and very outdated.

So I restarted my "Whole-Class Journal Covers" and made it soooo much better (in my opinion). Check out the pics below to decide for yourself.

The look of the product is happier-- and the product comes with much more than the original (like a lesson plan to introduce it to your kiddos). I am putting in on sale for 4 days-- so grab it while you can! Click the pic below to go to my store. Can't wait for next week's challenge!


  1. The new cover looks great! The colors really make it stand out more!

  2. SUPER cute new covers! NAILED IT!

  3. This caught my attention on the blog link page! I really like it!


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