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Dare to Dream!

Dreaming is definitely not something I have a problem doing... Concentrating on one task at a time, remembering to use my Crest white-strips, moving the wet clothes into the dryer-- THESE are the tasks that seem to haunt my everyday existence.

Well, lucky for me, this week's TPT seller challenge was to dream! And dream big! Which, of course, is easy. The hard part? Not having enough room to put every little dream I've ever had. I tried to focus on the biggest/most important dreams. So here they are:

Dream #1: Pay off debt
This is EXACTLY what it sounds like-- student loans, car loans, house loans... Can you even imagine a life with no debt? I, for one, would be so much more relaxed. Plus, I really hate paying bills every month. I'm just too lazy. Please ignore my irreverence with some of these memes. But they were too good to pass up!

Dream #2: Travel to Europe
This has been my dream location for as long as I can remember! Why do plane tickets have to cost so much money? Plus, you can't just go for like 4 days. If you're going that far-- you better make sure and stay at least 10 days! 

The ideal place is Italy. I've been studying Rosetta Stone Italian-- and by golly I want to put it to use!

Dream #3: Help Husband Afford School
I see a lot of fellow TPT'ers who would love the opportunity to stay home and work on it full-time. I guess my dream is a little bit different. I work full-time as a 3rd grade teacher. My husband also works full-time managing a store. With our combined incomes we live comfortably-- but if we ever lost one it would be very hard... Maybe even impossible. My dream is to earn enough through TPT and teaching for my husband to be able to leave his job (because who really wants a career in retail?) and go back to school. Then he could study whatever his heart desires-- and he could focus on finding a career that makes him feel successful and complete. All I want is for him to be happy and content. (Not much funny I can add to this one) 

Dream #4: Adopt More Dogs
Awww! She wants to adopt... wait... adopt dogs?!? I think some would be convinced I made an error in typing. But, no, I did not. I adopted a dog about 4 years ago and named her Ellie Mae. She is my heart's delight. 
Ellie Mae the day of her adoption.
Ellie Mae yesterday. So pretty!
I LOVE how dogs change so greatly after they've been adopted into a loving home. Check out Ellie's then and now photos if you don't believe me. When I first got her, she had terrible fur and a severe eye problem. Now she has 0 recurring health issues. And she really does make every day better. I would love to save ALL the dogs who are abandoned-- but I think I will have to settle for maybe 1-2 more. 

Dream #5: Bless Others
Growing up in church I was always taught to help others-- and if God blesses you, then you should turn around and use your skills/money/talents/etc. to bless others. It's a pretty simple idea that makes everyone (yes, even yourself) feel good. So if this TPT thing really took off- I would make sure to give some of it back to God and ministry. Easy as pie. :) 

And there we have it! My BIG dreams for the future... May you have a blessed week! :)


  1. I love your memes. :) Good luck reaching your dreams!

  2. I love your goals! And your memes - so fun to break it all up with!! Your dogs are lush! I hope TpT continues to be a success for you and continues to grow so you can achieve all your dreams!! I love the one that you want to earn enough to be able to send your husband back to school to pursue a career he wants!


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