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40 Earth Day Freebies

I absolutely love searching around TPT and Pinterest for fabulous ideas to use in my classroom. This past week I've stumbled upon several different Earth Day activities and printables-- so I've decided to share! 

Here we go! Click the links below the pictures to visit the products and/or read the original posts!

FREE Earth Day Writing Activities

12. Coffee Filter Earth (Black Hand-prints)
FREE Earth Day Academics
  1. Earth Day Cause and Effect (2 pages)
  2. Earth Day Center: Homophone Match
  3. Earth Day Game Board and Blank Task Cards (4 pages)
  4. Earth Day Article: "Fighting For Our Earth" (2 pages)
FREE Earth Day Printable Posters
  1. Earth Day 8x10 Printable Freebie-- from "Nothing But Country"
  2. 12 Free Printable Posters
  3. Love Earth Poster
  4. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Poster
  5. I "heart" the Earth and Trees Poster
FREE Earth Day Clip Art
6. Earth Day Tree Clip Art  

Lastly, here is 1 more freebie (my own)! Make sure you follow my store on TPT to receive updates about new products, sales, and giveaways! I only need a few more followers before I reach another goal and can host another giveaway!

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