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V-Day Celebrations & Snow Day Productivity

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Well, let me just say, it has been QUITE the last couple of weeks! It snowed/iced like crazy here, and since then it's been pretty cold, so nothing was melting! Today is the first warmish day in awhile.

Having so many snow days in a row leads to 2 things in my life:
1. Makes me freak out about standardized tests in less than 40 days (when I haven't even had a chance to teach my kids 1/2 of our material!)
2. Makes me productive!

As a result of being productive I've managed to create about 5 more goods for my TPT store-- which is always nice. It's hard to find time during the school week to create things-- but these snow days have made me one busy bee! I've even started creating items for next year's "Space"theme. Here are some of the items I've completed (click the pics to go to my TPT store):

This large chunk of time has also enabled me to get ready for Valentine's Day! This is the first year my husband and I get to spend V-Day together. We have always lived hours apart-- and since it's our first year of marriage, we I am pretty excited about the possibilities!

We decided to take on different roles-- that way we share the responsiblity of the holiday. He is planning an activity/dinner date. I am planning the AFTER dinner activity. I decided to do a scavenger hunt that leads him all over our apartment-- and he has to complete "tasks" to get the next clue. Tasks like "dance with me for an entire song". I hope he finds it as enjoyable as I think it will b. *Fingers crossed*
Task cards, heart clues, and ABCs of Love...
For one of his "gifts" I saw this cute idea on the Dating Divas website to make a bouquet for a man. So I headed to Dollar Tree-- loaded up on supplies-- and here is the final product (all for about $10).

Then I saw this idea for a "hint box". So I made him one-- and I also have one-- and one of tasks is to write down ideas to put in his hint box. Then when we need a quick romantic idea-- all we have to do is use the hint box for an idea!

His is black and red-- Mine is teal and grey :)
Overall I'm looking forward to Friday-- and seeing how my events go! And I'm ready to get back to school-- so hopefully it melts soon!

How about you? Any big ideas or plans for Valentine's Day?

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