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Forcefully In Motion

If there is one thing to be said about so many snow days-- it's that you act like a whirlwind of teaching when you return to school. We calculated 2 more full weeks-- then a week of spring break-- then only a few more weeks after that until our end of the year state test. I am officially starting to worry. 

My biggest struggle is not that my students may do poorly on a standardized test. I am more worried about sending them to 4th grade unprepared. It is almost March, and I have yet to teach them about fractions and decimals. Having taught 4th grade last year, I know that fractions and decimals are an essential skill. I apologize in advance to my fellow teachers! 

Enough ranting-- here are the 5 things I've loved this week!

 In science we have to cover the topic of forces and motions. I had absolutely how to teach this in a fun way-- until I remembered I had purchased this unit last summer:
Forces and Motion: A Science Unit for Kids!
You can click the link to visit the entire unit-- it's from Miss Decarbo's store. One of the activities in the unit involved 6 hands-on centers to experiment with some different forces and motions. My kiddos LOVED it! They didn't need very long at the stations-- but it was a great way to introduce the idea of friction to them. Here are a few pics:
Experimenting with a top
Bouncy ball station
Pushing a car
Marbles station
 If you teach 3rd grade science-- this unit is a lifesaver!
One thing I'm super excited about is one of my freebies from my TPT store (I wrote about it last week)-- Well, I put in on a link up-- and it got chosen to be the featured item! Click below to check it out!
The 3rd thing I'm loving this week is the start up of my TPT store Facebook page-- I know this all sounds silly-- but I never even knew these possibilities were out there! Click the icon to see my page-- Click "l.ike" to be in on special offers and deals from my store :)

The fourth thing I'm loving this week is this one piece of clipart that I drew on my computer. It is so hard to draw using a mouse-- I will probably never attempt it again. I am going to look into a stylus for my tablet-- maybe that would work better. But the picture is goofy and makes me smile. Here it is (please don't judge!)

Lastly, I am loving all the Olympic coverage-- I'm sad it will be ending shortly. I wish it could be on all year long-- but I guess that would make it less special. *sigh* I will wait another 2 years for the summer Olympics to return!
If you click the pic-- it takes you to a website with a countdown. As of now, only 895 more days! Yay!

Hope you had a great week!

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  1. I love your elephant clipart! Good job on it. I also adore your blog design.


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