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The Big Day! (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

The big day has finally arrived! I know it seems silly when other TPT creators have over 1000 followers-- but to me 100 is a big deal. I am so excited that I'm hosting a giveaway! Check it out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway I also finally finished my packet for Main Idea & Details. It has a fun football theme-- I'm pretty excited to use it with my 3rd graders. My boys ADORE anything football related-- so I wanted to make sure it was something they would like to use! Here are a few pics-- click the cover image to visit my TPT store and download it!

Forcefully In Motion

If there is one thing to be said about so many snow days-- it's that you act like a whirlwind of teaching when you return to school. We calculated 2 more full weeks-- then a week of spring break-- then only a few more weeks after that until our end of the year state test. I am officially starting to worry. 

My biggest struggle is not that my students may do poorly on a standardized test. I am more worried about sending them to 4th grade unprepared. It is almost March, and I have yet to teach them about fractions and decimals. Having taught 4th grade last year, I know that fractions and decimals are an essential skill. I apologize in advance to my fellow teachers! 

Enough ranting-- here are the 5 things I've loved this week!

 In science we have to cover the topic of forces and motions. I had absolutely how to teach this in a fun way-- until I remembered I had purchased this unit last summer:
Forces and Motion: A Science Unit for Kids!
You can click the link to visit the entire unit-- it's from Miss Decarbo's store. One of the activities in the unit involved 6 hands-on centers to experiment with some different forces and motions. My kiddos LOVED it! They didn't need very long at the stations-- but it was a great way to introduce the idea of friction to them. Here are a few pics:
Experimenting with a top
Bouncy ball station
Pushing a car
Marbles station
 If you teach 3rd grade science-- this unit is a lifesaver!
One thing I'm super excited about is one of my freebies from my TPT store (I wrote about it last week)-- Well, I put in on a link up-- and it got chosen to be the featured item! Click below to check it out!
The 3rd thing I'm loving this week is the start up of my TPT store Facebook page-- I know this all sounds silly-- but I never even knew these possibilities were out there! Click the icon to see my page-- Click "l.ike" to be in on special offers and deals from my store :)

The fourth thing I'm loving this week is this one piece of clipart that I drew on my computer. It is so hard to draw using a mouse-- I will probably never attempt it again. I am going to look into a stylus for my tablet-- maybe that would work better. But the picture is goofy and makes me smile. Here it is (please don't judge!)

Lastly, I am loving all the Olympic coverage-- I'm sad it will be ending shortly. I wish it could be on all year long-- but I guess that would make it less special. *sigh* I will wait another 2 years for the summer Olympics to return!
If you click the pic-- it takes you to a website with a countdown. As of now, only 895 more days! Yay!

Hope you had a great week!


Feelin' the L-O-V-E

I know it's no longer Friday-- but last night was Valentine's Day-- I'm sure you can understand :)
So here are 5 things I'm digging this week:
Despite all the snow days-- I somehow managed to finish my Valentine's Day bulletin board. The only problem? We were out of school so long that it's now PAST VDay (and my kiddos haven't even seen the board!). I'm just going to leave it up for awhile-- because it makes me happy-- and it was fun to create!

We were studying adjectives a few weeks ago (feels like years!)-- and I came up with this fun idea for our board. Here is how we did it:

1. I cut apart a class list and each student drew a name.
2. Everyone secretly wrote down adjectives to describe their person.
3. I went to (an awesome site, if you've never been) and typed in all the adjectives.
4. I formed the word art into hearts (you can make a TON of shapes) and formatted the colors to be Valentine's colors.
5. I printed off the hearts, cut them out, and stapled those babies up!

I love the fact that we could work on saying nice things about each other-- it never surprises me how sweet kids can be-- and we ALSO got to practice our adjectives. Here's a few pics of the finished board (sorry for the closeup-- the hallway is so narrow I can't back up far enough to take a decent board pic!)

I'm also super excited about some of the new things in my store-- like this fun multiplication freebie-- click to pic to go download (ratings are loved and super appreciated!):

And this adorable center themed to go along with my Journeys reading lesson "Dogzilla" (which is a fabulous and hilarious story-- you need to go read it!)

I'm loving the beautiful flowers my husband gave me yesterday. I adore stargazer lilies!

I finally finished the wooden letters for my niece-- I just have to get them to my sister... Living 6 hours away from family can be really hard! 

And lastly, yesterday my new lunch box order came in (gotta love thirty one!). I can't wait to use it next week!
And there you have it-- my week in a nutshell-- I'm looking forward to having my kiddos back in school on Tuesday!

V-Day Celebrations & Snow Day Productivity

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Well, let me just say, it has been QUITE the last couple of weeks! It snowed/iced like crazy here, and since then it's been pretty cold, so nothing was melting! Today is the first warmish day in awhile.

Having so many snow days in a row leads to 2 things in my life:
1. Makes me freak out about standardized tests in less than 40 days (when I haven't even had a chance to teach my kids 1/2 of our material!)
2. Makes me productive!

As a result of being productive I've managed to create about 5 more goods for my TPT store-- which is always nice. It's hard to find time during the school week to create things-- but these snow days have made me one busy bee! I've even started creating items for next year's "Space"theme. Here are some of the items I've completed (click the pics to go to my TPT store):

This large chunk of time has also enabled me to get ready for Valentine's Day! This is the first year my husband and I get to spend V-Day together. We have always lived hours apart-- and since it's our first year of marriage, we I am pretty excited about the possibilities!

We decided to take on different roles-- that way we share the responsiblity of the holiday. He is planning an activity/dinner date. I am planning the AFTER dinner activity. I decided to do a scavenger hunt that leads him all over our apartment-- and he has to complete "tasks" to get the next clue. Tasks like "dance with me for an entire song". I hope he finds it as enjoyable as I think it will b. *Fingers crossed*
Task cards, heart clues, and ABCs of Love...
For one of his "gifts" I saw this cute idea on the Dating Divas website to make a bouquet for a man. So I headed to Dollar Tree-- loaded up on supplies-- and here is the final product (all for about $10).

Then I saw this idea for a "hint box". So I made him one-- and I also have one-- and one of tasks is to write down ideas to put in his hint box. Then when we need a quick romantic idea-- all we have to do is use the hint box for an idea!

His is black and red-- Mine is teal and grey :)
Overall I'm looking forward to Friday-- and seeing how my events go! And I'm ready to get back to school-- so hopefully it melts soon!

How about you? Any big ideas or plans for Valentine's Day?
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