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When the Wen doesn't necessarily win...

As I sit here writing this blog post (which I've sorely neglected for many, many months thanks to teaching), I can't decide if I like the title of the post. I know my husband would definitely frown upon it... He's not much into my puns... But then again, he is at work and he doesn't read these silly posts. So I think it's going to be ok!

I'm also slightly worried that he isn't here because my washing machine (which is old and refurbished) sounds like it's trying to grow legs and walk out the door. Either that or explode. But that's neither here nor there-- I suppose.

Ok-- so a week or so ago my mom (because she's so awesome) sent me some of her "Wen" hair care products that she doesn't use-- a brand new bottle! When I got the box I opened it right away and read the directions carefully. I wanted to try it-- but as with all new hair items-- I assumed it would be best to wait until the weekend (that way if my hair fell out or turned orange I would have time to fix it before Monday).

Well, if you've never seen the Wen infomercials you are sorely missing out. I love nothing more than watching infomercials when I can't sleep at 4 am on Saturday mornings. There is almost always a Wen one on tv. These women have fried, disastrous hair-- and after one wash with Wen-- they look like movie stars and their hair does that awesome swishy thing they always do in hair product commercials (come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about). So, needless to say, I was excited to try because my hair is... well... it's not bad-- but it's not swishy enough.

So today was the big day! I hopped in the shower with my bottle of Wen (Coconut Mango)-- excited to try it out:
I soaked my hair-- trying to get it super wet-- and then massaged the Wen into my scalp. You're supposed to massage it like a loaf of bread. Or something like that. I've never been good at that part. I noticed the smell right away-- it smelled like summer. And since it's winter I found it refreshing. A good start.

Next I noticed the burning sensation... I assumed it was the Wen just "tingling" with possibility and hope.

Then I noticed my skin felt a little like it was burning-- and since I have SUPER dry skin (thanks a lot, eczema) I decided probably nobody else has this reaction. So I ignored the burning (it faded-- or I got used to it) and I let the product sit in my hair for quite a long time... Long enough to get bored (that is). Then I made sure I rinsed thoroughly-- nothing is worse on my hair than residue!

After my shower I took my brush and combed through my hair. I didn't notice anything different. In fact, if anything, it seemed more tangled-- stupid scalp massaging (I told you I was never good at it). I wasn't sure if I was supposed to apply any other product-- but since I almost always blow dry and flat iron-- I didn't feel comfortable leaving my hair exposed-- so I put on the tiniest amount of product.

After the blow dry I didn't really notice anything "spectacular" about the results. Nothing like the infomercial-- darn the luck! Maybe it takes the hair some time to adjust-- but that's not how it works for the lucky ladies on the tv. Drat.

Here are some pics to show you-- I, personally, don't think it's worth it to purchase the Wen. Sure, it was "ok"-- but it wasn't life changing. I may use it once in awhile-- but probably not every day. It's super expensive- and be wary of their purchasing deals (they charge you every 90 days for more-- or something like that). And, if you're still reading, I'm going to share some hair products I would rather spend my money on-- cause they are AWESOME. And affordable.

Back of the hair-- before flat iron-- I do think the Wen helped my roots be smoother.

Before flat iron-- scary! Like a lion mane!

After flat iron.
My hair normally.

 Ok-- so here are some products I DO reccommend (sorry Wen):
This Argan Oil is A-mazing! I never go a day without using it-- and I always pack it when I got on a trip somewhere. Argan oil is great because you can use it for your hair AND skin. I put it on my face a lot because of my super dry skin. It's not too heavy and it makes your skin super soft. It's pretty expensive-- but I would recommend this stuff 10x over Wen. Just put a dab in your palms after flat irnoning and it gives your hair smoothness and shininess all day long! (Ordered online from QVC)

Another new product I've been using lately is the Keratin Smooth spray from Tresemme. I put it in my hair before blow drying-- and something right before flat ironing. I think it smells good, is relatively cheap, and works like a charm. I love keratin. If I were rich I'd get keratin treatments all the time. But alas, the life of a teacher. (Found mine at Walmart)

And, lastly, for the days I want to go natural-- I use this stuff. It smells soooooo good-- and it doesn't leave my hair crunchy (which I hate). So if you have wavy or curly hair, I would definitely recommend this stuff. (Found mine at Walmart).

And thus ends my first blog post in months (sorry boys, this one wasn't really for you). Let me know your favorite products-- or maybe I missed out on.
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