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Date Idea Fun! (and free printables!)

I know that this post has absolutely nothing to do with school... but I think that's ok. One thing that Jake (my husband) and I have been trying to do is go on a date at least once a week. We never really got to have elaborate dates because we always lived at least 2 hours apart. So now that we live together we finally have time for dates! :)

I found this really fantastic site-- and these women have some great date ideas-- with tons of FREE printables and things to use. Click here to check it out!

I have taken a few of their ideas and morphed them into my own. Here is one date I took Jake on a few weeks ago-- I started out by making scavenger hunt cards, and then I printed out the cards, glued them on scrapbook paper, and made sure I had everything ready. I gave him the cards and we ended up going to a National Park and hiking/picnicking. It was fun! Click on the first picture to download the cards on Google Docs:

Anyway, on our honeymoon we got into a bit of mini golf competition overdrive... We played at least 3 rounds. So I decided we needed another round to discover the champion! I found this cute idea on Pinterest (click the pic to read the original post):

Date in Jar Idea Mini golf

So I decided to make my own version! First, I went to Walmart-- I couldn't find a lone mason jar (but I know you can find them in thrift stores), so I bought a small glass canister instead. Then I found cheap plastic golf balls in the sporting goods section. I finished up by purchasing a lime green sponge and small notebook.

When I got home I cut up the sponge to fit the bottom of the jar (fake grass), made a flag from a toothpick, painted 2 of the golf balls with acrylic paint (our favorite colors), cut a pencil down to size (you know they always give the tiniest pencils on mini golf courses), and also cut the notebook down to size. That is probably where a mason jar would've been a better choice. I put everything in the canister.

View from the front
View from the side
Next step? Create a trophy (because I couldn't find one in a store), so I used a mini Cricut to cut a trophy and stuck it in the canister. Then, as a final touch, I cut out a golf club set and used a small ribbon to attach it to the outside. I plan on putting our score card inside the jar-- so then it'll be a memory jar! I think it's a really fun idea!

Trophy at the back
My last step was to create an invitation (click on the pic for a free download-- I attached a blank one):

I know it looks a little like Easter-- but I am a fan of pastels :) And there you have it, Date Night in a Jar! I am looking forward to WINNING on Friday!

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