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Summer Resolutions

Some people do those fancy "New Year's Resolutions" at the beginning of each year.

This year I kind of took a break from it-- and since I'm a teacher (and I'm only teaching summer school 2 weeks this summer) I decided it's the perfect time to set some goals for myself and see what I can accomplish!

So without further ado-- my Summer Resolutions (in no particular order)

1. Try at least 5 new recipes-- successfully
2. Create a painting for my beautiful friend's baby's room (Heather, this one's for you)
3. Read at least 5 books
4. Go a week without straightening my hair
5. Run a 10k (not necessarily an official one-- but maybe on my own)
6. Create a few new items for my online teacher store
7. Pick a crafty project off pinterest and see it through to the finish

Those seem fairly reasonable... Bring on the summer fun!
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