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Time to Set Up Camp!

I have been slaving away in my classroom-- and I am finally seeing things come along! Our school-wide theme this year is camping. So I've scoured the internet for many different kinds of ideas ranging from owls to forests. You can find a TON of owl things-- but not a lot of just "camping" stuff. Today I finished my hallway bulletin board-- here it is:

My kids made those little sleeping campers at the end of last year-- the poem is called "Sleeping Bag". I told them to try and make the head look like their real heads-- I think they came out pretty cute! For my doorway I made a log cabin:

We also glued green paper along the bottom of our 4th grade hallway-- along with all the little skunks and birds and porcupines our kids made last year:

Inside the room I have a TON of bulletin board space:

"Zizzer Tickets" are our positive reward system. The kids get a party when they earn 100 tickets for good behavior.

My math board-- I will change out the info depending on what we are studying.

My AR board-- the kids write their points on their s'more.

My reading board/corner-- I have 2 more beanbags to add!

What's for lunch-- I'm going to clip the menu on the plate. And, of course, my birthday bugs.
I finally finished (I think) the area where I'm storing all my writing supplies and center activities:

I also glued some bright owls to my door:

And fixed up my student "job" area-- which is the door of my closet (the key is utilizing the space given)

And my desk area-- I had them move the file cabinets to beside my desk-- which is MUCH better than across the room. I am looking forward to having it closer! Sorry my desk itself is a mess-- my computer still hasn't been completely set up-- so I can't really finish it up yet.

The end is in site!

QUITE the week!

Well it has been QUITE a week. It's so hard to believe summer is coming to a close. I hate to see it leave-- and yet, I'm so ready for fall. The BEST weather EVER! 

This week I made a BINGO reward board for my classroom. Basically whenever a student does something really well (like always turns in homework), I have them initial their name on a square. Then once the board gets pretty full, I randomly select one of the spaces and that person gets a reward-- like maybe a free homework pass or a "sit by a friend for a day" pass. It took me forever to measure out the lines to make them straight-- but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

All I need to do is laminate it-- to make it like a dry erase board and reusable!

The next project I finished was for my teachers pay teachers store. It is a set of 31 page borders to use in your classroom (or on your TPT products). I had a lot of fun making these-- because I made them from scratch-- so they are unique. Click on the picture below to go check them out! 

The 3rd thing I created was a little mailbox for my desk-- for my kids to put comments or thoughts. This will be great for my kids who are a little quieter, but want to tell me something. I used a shoebox and painted a base coat on it. Next I cut a slot on the lid and added stickers for decoration. The final step was a few layers of Mod Podge and a coat of spray finish. Hopefully it'll last awhile! 

Then I had my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend. To celebrate we went ice skating and to Olive Garden... I tried to take a picture-- but he pretty much can't take normal pics. I guess that's one of the things I love about him.

And, the last thing I did was adopt a dog! I've decided to name her Ellie Mae. So far she has been very good. She is house trained-- very quiet and mellow-- and likes to nap. 

I guess I better enjoy the little slice of summer I have left-- my school meetings start up next week! Yikes!

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