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Technology and Summer

Why is that when 1 technological item goes bad-- they all seem to go bad? For example, my printer stopped working about 2 months ago... No big deal-- I could live without a home printer.

Then, a few weeks ago, my laptop kept randomnly turning off and sending me messages that the hard drive was failing.. Of course I couldn't live without a laptop-- I needed it for work and school. So I had to go get a new one.

Today (with all my past technological worries gone from my mind) it seems my digital camera has decided to call it quits. Go figure. Isn't there a saying about trouble always coming in groups of 3?

Anyway, I think I'll change the topic to something more upbeat! Summer!

Here are 10 reasons I LOVE summer!
1. No school (who would've guessed that one?)

2. Swimming (I love swimming. I just wish I had my own private pool instead of having to share with everyone in my apartment complex)

3. Book, books, books. So much free time (well, more free time than normal) means I get to visit the library more and read more books! Since June I've read 17!

4. Sandals. I love wearing sandals and not having my feet suffocated by disgusting socks.

5. Bright nail polish! I can paint my nails and toenails whatever color I want, and I won't have a classroom of 4th graders asking me why my nails are bright orange! Here are my favorite summertime colors:

I had my toenails painted the color on the far left-- but the color started to fade, and I was oh-so-kindly told my boyfriend (of all people to notice) that I needed to repaint because the color looked like fungus. Thanks honey. So I opted for the bright, happy robin egg blue on the far right side.
6. Not having to blow dry my hair. Usually this would annoy me-- but I've really been experimenting with my hair and its natural waviness. Trying different products and such to find one I really like. And I've also had LOTS of chances to practice braiding and updos and those kinds of things (though I usually fail at them.) Here is the product I used today:

It is supposed to make your hair look like you just got back from the beach. It has sea salt and kelp extract. The nice thing is that it only cost like $5 at WalMart-- and so far I've really liked the results. And the best part, it's all natural and heat free!
It's really hard to capture the back of your head!

7. Sunshine. I absolutely LOVE sunshine. Just sitting in it and soaking it up. It makes me happy!

8. Time to focus on me. I know it sounds selfish-- but over the summer I can do more art projects and pinterest projects and baking and reading. It's very relaxing. I even had a cup of coffee at 8 pm last night... Ok, I didn't go to bed until 1:30-- but it was still nice to have the option!

9. Vacations and Family. Because I'm on summer break, I got to go on vacation with my parents. And just this week my sister and mom and nephew and niece came down to stay at my place for like 4 days. It was great to have so much time together!

10. Time to plan my next school year. Despite having time to do "me" things, I still like to use my free time to figure out the next school year. Questions like, how will I set up my classroom? What kinds of projects do I want to implement this year? These are all very important to me. I want to become a better teacher every year.

And there you have it-- technology drama and summer love! What do YOU love about summer? (Or maybe you hate it?) Feel free to share!


  1. Summer is not so summery for me anymore. I feel like a floater in my world, because I don't really get a summer. Of course, in Texas we are fully experiencing the season (it be hot), but I'm still working full time... We aren't going on vacation.. It feels so so, the same as the spring and the same as the fall. Sad. I do however love that you love summer! And I get to enjoy some of the spinoff of your enjoyment - you read more, so you recommend books for me to read, you're on vacation so you plan trip to come see me! It's a win win win!

    Ps. I love you!

  2. Your hair looks great and now I'm on the search for that spray!!! I'd wear my hair like that every day!!!!



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