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The problem with free time...

I know a lot of you will probably think I'm crazy, but I really cannot handle too much free time. I get a little bit crazy.

For example, this morning I played a video game for 1 hour. Read a book for 1 hour. Then spent entirely too much time trolling the Internet. I ended up finishing my PowerPoint final for my masters class (which, apparently I did above and beyond because my teacher seemed very impressed).

In my free time I've set up my living room like an office (hard to believe my family was here only 2 days ago and this place was spotless)

I've also spread file folders ALL over the living room...

Some day (soon, I hope) I will finish organizing these things (and my classroom)... I am tempted to just leave them all over the floor.

I KNOW I forgot to share about one exciting thing-- a few months ago I wanted to apply for a free grant and I found this website:

Basically, you put up a project and strangers can choose to give you money to help you reach your goal. However, your project has a deadline. And, if you don't raise all your funds, you do NOT get the items you requested. So I set up a fund for $$$ to buy more books for my classroom. Total I needed $364.

I figured, maybe I'd get lucky. But-- deep down I'm somewhat of a closet pessimist. So I left the site and completely forgot about it. Then one day, out of blue, I got this AMAZING email that told me my project had be completely funded! Now I'm going to get the supplies I needed! I felt very blessed! Check it out by clicking below on my project photo:

(PS- Thanks to Heather for the hilariously cheesy title "I feel the Need... The Need to Read". You know I love you!)

Also in my free time (Trust me, it's a LOT!) I finished 2 more projects for my classroom-- Click on the pictures for more info... The first 2 are from a board game I made for math to practice place value. The 3rd picture is of my election unit-- the big 2012 election is this year and I don't want my kids to miss out!

I think I'm quickly becoming a school nerd... I guess that's better than a couch potato.

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  1. You are welcome! I feel like I had a direct hand in helping you get that money. It's a pretty awesome title. We should also thank the writers of Top Gun for that gem.

    In just a few days, you'll be here! And we'll spend our free time together, having fun and being crazy! I'm so glad you get to spend part of your free time with me! Loves!


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