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Manatees, Coffee, and Friends

This last week I had an amazing opportunity to visit one of my best friends EVER in Texas. While I was down there I tried to forget about my normal responsibilities (little things like graduate classes and getting my own classroom ready for the fall) and focus on spending time with Heather (and occasionally her husband Stephen-- when he wasn't away in Canada for the week). And it was AMAZING! I always forget how great it is to be with someone who completely understands you and relates to you on so many different levels. Best. Time. Ever.

While I was there we visited the Dallas aquarium. In case you've never been, the Dallas aquarium is an odd thing. It's not like regular aquariums. I mean-- there are fish and sea animals-- but there are also things like sea otters, jaguars, ant eaters, sloths, and birds. So it's almost like a little zoo habitat with sea animals thrown in.

Our favorite attraction was the manatees. If you do not know what a manatee is, you are truly missing out on life. They are pretty much the cutest thing in the water. Anyway, we wanted to see the manatee but it was super crowded. So the manatee swam by once and never came back. Heather and I left a wee bit dissapointed. We continued on, and when we reached the end of the aquarium we decided to go back and see the manatees 1 more time.

This was our lucky moment! There was hardly anyone in front of the giant tank and the 2 manatees were swimming about freely and happily.

Heather and I waited... and then-- to our amazement-- one of the manatees swam RIGHT up in front of us and even posed with Heather-- it really did look like it was trying to give her a kiss. Best. Picture. Ever.

True love.

Now that I'm back home from my trip... I realize how much I still need to do. But, I will get through it all with the help of Friends (the TV series-- I'm not forcing my actual friends into manual labor) and lots of coffee.

Here's a quick look at some of the centers I finished cutting out... Only like a bazillion more to go!

I'm also proud to report that I am managing to restrain myself in the buying of school supplies... Let's face it, the school supply aisle is pretty much the most awesome aisle of all time... So far this is all I've bought:

What is it about a brand new package of markers that I cannot say "no" to? Every year. Every. Year.

I can't get into my classroom for another week because they are waxing our hallways... but when I finally get it done I will post more pics.

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  1. Oh Anna, having you here for the week was seriously the best thing ever. I love that we are so NSYNC whenever we're together. You really are my matey soul and I love you bunches. I wish that you lived here all the time, but I am extra grateful for the times we have together and I'm super pumped about coming to see you in November!

    Manatee pic: Best. Moment. Caught. On. Film. EVER!

    Markers rule. If you don't like markers, you suck.

    I love seeing pictures of your craty things and can't wait to see what you do with your classroom this coming year!

    Did I mention that I love you? Cause I do. TONS!


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