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Sunburns and Jewelry

Last week my school started summer school. I decided I was going to teach my 5th graders a small unit about Greek mythology. So far, I think they are really enjoying it.

Anyway, we wanted to give them a "fun" day outside-- so we held a mini Olympics last Thursday. We had various events: 3 legged races, pool noodle javelin throw, Frisbee discus, etc. Anyway, we were outside pretty much ALL day. The wind was blowing-- so even though it was hot I didn't even realize I was burning. But now I sit, 3 days later, hardly able to lift my arms because of a sunburn. Yikes. I will never forget to put on sunscreen again!

Needless to say, I am going to have LOVELY tan lines!

My pinterest project of the week has me VERY excited! I found this picture of a homemade jewelry holder that you hang on the wall. I am always forgetting to put on my jewelry-- I assume it's because my jewelry is hidden under things in my closet. So maybe with them hanging on the wall I will wear them more often!

Here is what you need:

My fabric only cost like $2.40 (I only needed 1 yard!)
Cork board, fabric of your choice (I went with a plain color so the jewelry would pop), and push pins to hang the jewelry on. I liked these:

I liked them because they were gold and prettier than regular push pins!
Ok. So- you take your fabric and iron it-- so get rid of unwanted wrinkles. Then lay your cork board face down on it:

Then, fold up on side of the fabric and start stapling. You could also use glue, hot glue, tape, etc. I decided to use staples because I had a stapler on hand and I hate burning my hand with hot glue!

The pull the fabric tight (cut off extra length) and staple along the other edges:

I know it's not the neatest-- and it's not perfect-- but the best part is that this is the BACK-- nobody will ever see this side! So it doesn't need to be perfect! Here is the front:

For the next part I hung it up on the wall (mine is hanging on a nail) and put in the pushpins/added my necklaces. However, you can easily add the pushpins before you hang it up. Try not to put all the pins in a row. If you vary the heights of them, your necklaces will hang more like artwork. It's up to you. The best part it is that it's a cork board, so you can always move them around if you need to. Or move the pins as you add more jewelry. Here is my finished board:

I have plenty of room for more!

Varying the lengths makes it unique!

Close up!

Close up!
I love fun/cheap projects that serve a purpose! Now hopefully I'll remember to add a little jewelry to my next outfit (once my sunburn goes away and I can actually leave my house again, that is)

1 comment

  1. That sunburn looks painful!

    Love the necklace holder!! So cute! You're quite crafty, and I always want to steal your ideas...


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