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First Birthday!

My niece's first birthday is coming up-- and I got this awesome card in the mail:

My sister is having the party this Saturday. The theme is ANYTHING spring (and a little on the girly side, too). So to help her out I told her I'd make the birthday banner. So, going off the invitation card, here are some pics of the banner I made. We will either hang them on the wall or put string on them and hang them...

Sorry if that last one looks a little off-- I had to splice 2 photos together because the whole thing is so stinking huge! Then I drew a few other things to go with it:

And, lastly, I crocheted her a tiny stuffed bunny... Which I'm pretty sure my sister's CRAZY dog will eat. Oh well. Here is the bunny:

More pics of the party to come!

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  1. I love everything!! Here is the new plan: you move here, and live with us, and your contribution to the house will be to make everything pretty and fun and awesome! How does this sound to you? Cause to me it sounds like #1.


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