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10 Little Things.

10 Little Things I did this weekend:

1. Attempted the Saltine challenge. This is where you take 6 saltine crackers, and you have 1 minute to eat all of them (yes, this means swallow them too). I only got 5 out of 6-- which I though is pretty commendable. I may have to rethink my strategy of only eating one at a time.

2. Watched a zit on the tip of my nose grow to an enormous size. I look like Rudolf...Rudolph? Oh for Pete's sake.

3. Tried to figure out my school lesson plans. 3 weeks of school left and my kids are already of summer break. I want to sneak in a few more lessons. Hit them with learning before they realize what has happened!

4. Went to the grocery store where, once I was checking out, the bag guy (who was like 80 years old) tried to push my cart back to the return pile... Only it still had my purse in it. The cashier was like, "Wait a second!" I was like, "He can have it if he wants it that badly." and the bag guy was like, "I thought it went great with my outfit." Highly entertaining.

5. Watched reruns of Dawson's Creek. I don't care what you want to say about this show-- I love it. Yes, I know it's full of teen angst and drama, but I still feel like it's of a higher quality than most of the show's on today. Besides, I just love Pacey and Joey together. I'm a schmuck.

6. Make spicy ranch crackers-- if you've never had these you should really try them. They are delicious. You can make them less spicy (if you prefer). But I highly recommend them! The maker of these particular ones call them "Crack Crackers". Check them out: Spicy Ranch Cracker Recipe

7. Tried to crochet some granny squares. I always do this. I make the granny squares, and then when it comes to actually connecting them I wimp out. Maybe someday. I still haven't found a method that I would like to use. So if you know of one, please share.

8. Finished a book. There is nothing quite so great (and also sad) as finishing a good book. I'm a bit of book nerd. AKA: When I go to the library, I leave with about 3 books and I read them ALL before going back the next weekend. I make my lists ahead of time. I research authors and books and I make sure my library actually has them. Because I've perfected this process it only takes me about 5 minutes in the library. Which is kind of sad, now that I think about it, because I LOVE the library. It is probably one of my top 5 favorite places to be (nerd alert!).

Anyway, this book I finished wasn't from the library. It was actually from a Scholastic book order. Another great thing about being a teacher is I can use those Scholastic book orders for my kids and throw in my own orders at the same time (thus, I feel less guilty). So last time I had a coupon for up to $10 in free books. I also had bonus points from previous orders (so I can get even MORE books for free). So, naturally, I decided to get myself some books. You may be thinking "She is a teacher and she spent that money on herself?" and to that I will simply reply "Heck yes."

So anyway. Here are 3 of the 4 books I ordered. I finished The False Prince. And thought it was good. I'm currently reading Dark Life. And I look forward to the other 2 as well. Click on the book if you want to read more about them.

9.  Had a nerf gun war with my boyfriend. He surprised me on Friday with some nerf guns. I'm pretty sure that I won.

10. Worked on a birthday banner for my niece (pics to come). Which would be a lot easier if I wasn't so scatterbrained and always leaving half of my art supplies in my extra room, and the other half all over my living room.

And there we have it. 10 little things that I did this weekend.

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