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10 things I'd rather do than go running...


This post has one purpose, to list 10 things I'd rather do than go running.

It's not that I hate running... wait... yes, it actually IS because I abhor it! With every fiber of my being.

I am convinced that Jesus did not make me into a runner when he built my body. I have old-lady-arthritis knees. I struggle for breath. I don't find it enjoyable or fun. 

And so, without further ado, here are 10 things I'd rather do than go running (in no particular order):

1. Burn my finger on the oven.
2. Watch nothing but CSPAN for an entire day (Yay, political jargon)
3. Listen to nothing but a mix cd on repeat for 6 months. On this cd would be the musical stylings of: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Michael Bolton, Ke$ha, Elvis, Fergie, Aaron Carter, and Mandy Moore.
4. Have a sleepover in a butterfly house. (*shudder*)
5. Swim with a shark.
6. Set my hair on fire. (that always smells nice)
7. Spend time learning about plants and trees and growing the perfect garden (I'm a plant murderer and I find them totally droll)
8. Poke bits of sharp glass into my eyes.
9. Mud wrestle a porcupine while dodging lava flows on a tropical island.
10. Forget to wear my pants out in public.