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Snow Day

Today was my first official teacher snow day from school! I used it as an opportunity to catch up some crochet projects and baking. Here are some granny squares I've been making. I suppose eventually I could combine them together into something... Pattern is here.

Then I decided to bake (surprise, surprise) a cinnamon roll cake (sorry Heather). Here is some pics of the before and after. I'm eating it right now... It's ok. I think the chocolate chips muffins and coffee cake I've talked about in older posts were better. This cake needed more sugar. Or cinnamon. The flavor is a little weak. Here is the original recipe.

And lastly, what else do I do on a day off from school? I kind of spend a ridiculous amount of time online surfing the web. Feel free to enjoy some of my favorite YouTube videos.

And last but not least, one of my favorite videos ever!

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