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Trash Talk Tuesday (the return)

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a glimpse of the beautiful roses my boyfriend sent me. They are wonderful and I am one lucky lady! (Sorry, needed to brag a little)

I love the red vase!
They came with sparkles!

I feel like on Valentine's Day you should be honest with those you love. Not that you shouldn't be honest on any other day... Wow, this sounding more and more awkward.

Anyway, I haven't done a trash talk Tuesday in quite some time. So in honor of my 2nd snow day from school, Valentine's Day, and a halfway decent Tuesday, here is a new one!

Whitney Houston Dies
Ok, don't get me wrong, sure it was a little sad that Whitney Houston died at a relatively young age. And, I'm guessing, it happened pretty unexpectedly. But at the same time, does EVERY news station have to be broadcasting it? And do they have to keep talking about it for days and DAYS? When our media can't even focus on the soldiers we lose daily in war, but they CAN focus on one pop singer for endless days-- I have to wonder what is wrong with our focus? We have turned our artists into idols and gods. Yes, she died. Yes, we can pay homage. But after that I think it's time to move on with our lives. 

Chris Brown at the Grammys
 I'm not sure what exactly I was watching on Sunday night, but I totally missed out on the Grammys. I DID turn it to the station once to catch Chris Brown winning a Grammy. I said to myself "huh." and changed the channel. I think I was watching old reruns of "Kitchen Nightmares" starring chef Gorden Ramsey. Even that seemed more interesting than the music awards. Anyway, all of the hullabaloo surrounding Chris is that he won awards and was allowed to perform at the show. Even though he got into big trouble for assaulting his former girlfriend (and pop singer), Rhianna in 2009. Scandalous. 

Adele Wins Big