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Snail Mail

Ahhhhhh snail mail. Does anything beat getting a letter in the mail? Well, today I got my answer to that very question.

The only thing that beats getting a letter in the mail is getting a DESTROYED letter in the mail.

And the fact that it came in a plastic "personal apology" bag from the USPS. Classy, as always.

And people wonder why USPS is a slowly sinking ship. Strangely, I've never had an email arrive in such a destroyed format...

(Here you can see the letter inside of the plastic bag-- I had to add the blue part to keep my personal information personal)

The apology bag. It states, "We sincerely regret the damage to your mail during handling by the Postal Service. (what were they doing with it-- eating it???) We hope this incident did not inconvenience you. (nah-- I didn't need that important letter from my insurance)"

And it goes on to make further apologies. Oh well. A little late for that. But I'm glad that I now know that the USPS does in fact CARE about my mail.

Ok, now this is the part that tickled me the most. Inside, the letter says "Facts: What does American Fidelity Corporation do with your personal information?" And I'm guessing I would have found out. All I could think was "well apparently they give it away to everyone." I sure hope none of my private info is missing from this letter. I could become a victim of identity theft!

And there you have it-- what happens when your letter gets destroyed. Who knew?

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