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I think when the new year rolls around, everyone is so ready to start fresh. I don't know why you can't just start fresh whenever you feel like it-- people are funny that way. It's like-- "Oh! The new year is coming up, so I better enjoy eating poorly while I can, before I start my new diet." I don't know why people don't just jump into the pool instead of wading in slowly.

Anyway, 2 years ago I made like 7 new year resolutions. And you know what? I kept them. Every. Single. One.

Last year, I felt lazy. So you know how many I made? None. And you know what? I kept it. Piece. Of. Cake.

Now, this year, I've made a few more. Here they are:

1. Exercise. (Notice I didn't specify how many times a week- or to what extent. This is the secret to being successful in your resolutions. Being vague)

2. Pray more/Read Bible more. (I think this is pretty self explanatory)

3. Blog more. (and this is my second post this year. I'm off to a good start)

4. Do something off my bucket list. (How hard can that be?)

5. Journal more. (a few years ago I made a resolution to write in my journal daily. It started out fabulous. And then it just became annoying. I'm hoping that if I just tell myself to write occasionally, then I will enjoy it more)

6. Finish illustrating Heather's book. (I am going to get it done!)

7. Try 1 pinterest project a week. (now for those you not in the "pinterest" know, you must know, it is by far my favorite website ever. It is a crafty person's dream. It's my motivation to get up on Saturday morning and my motivation to get work done-- it's basically my reward. Anyway, it's this online site where you can post pics. You can make online bulletin boards. You can have one board just for recipes. One board for craft ideas. One board for baby ideas (even if you don't have a baby yet). I have a board just for classroom ideas. I love it. Check it out here if you want to see more. But anyway-- my pinterest doesn't have to cost me money. I just want to try and do 1 new thing a week. Last week's project was my Valentine wreath:

I think it came out quite well for a first attempt! Here are some of the things I made with the help of pinterest last year:

Cheap Christmas decoration

Hanging picture frames for the mom

Bird picture for my niece on canvas

Anyway, those are (for the most part), my new year resolutions. I will try and be resolute in keeping them. And I figured, posting them on my blog would help me keep them. It couldn't hurt.

Did you decide to become resolute in something this year?

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