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Meet George Hamilton the 3rd

Meet my new pet, George Hamilton the 3rd. He is named after some of our country's finest leaders... George Washington (first president) and Alexander Hamilton (first secretary of the treasury). The best part about George Hamilton the 3rd is that he will never die if I forget to feed or water him. And he stores all my loose change.

I found this guy on the shelf at Target during their holiday clearance sale. He was the only one left. And, lucky for me, he only cost $5. Quite a steal!

And, yes, I know he is a reindeer pig. And red and green. But after I packed all the other Christmas items away, I couldn't bring myself to put him up. So he is happily sitting out, still collecting any loose change I have.

And here is my pinterest project of the week. This is one I actually made up by myself. It's for Valentine's Day.

I bought 3 wooden hearts from Hobby Lobby. The small ones were 2 for $1. The large one was $1.50.

I painted each one a different color. Then I mod podged on cute scrapbook paper (this particular paper was one sheet that cost $0.44)

Then I hot glued ribbon on the backs-- attaching them together and enabling me to hang them on the wall. They make me happy!

And I also tried my hand at jewelry making. It didn't come out the best, but it is wearable as either a bracelet or a necklace.

I also bought the beads (shaped like little roses-- it's hard to tell) at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $1.25.

Here it is as a necklace-- but I think I'll wear it more often as a bracelet because I already have plenty of necklaces. (Sorry for the horrid picture of my neck-- it's surprising to take pictures of yourself and not realize your neck looks that way!)

And the best part is that today is only Saturday-- and it's a 3 day weekend from school! I can't wait to try out some other new things!

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