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Homemaking... Without a Home?

Lately I felt a little like a homemaker. Which is odd considering:

A. I don't have a house. I have a 2 bedroom apartment.
B. I don't have a husband or family to make a home for. I don't even own a pet.
C. I don't usually enjoy crocheting and cooking so often.

I fear I am turning into a bit of cat lady (minus the cats)... Maybe I should get out more...

Moving on-- I was a little bored yesterday-- so I actually ended up crocheting some more. I made 2 mug cozies. Here is the link for the pattern. I think it came out well!

Then I started thinking about lunch/dinner. And whenever you are using the crock pot you have to plan WAY ahead. So I decided to try this recipe for chicken tacos. I changed it a little. I added a can of soup (to thicken)-- you can use cream of mushroom (I suggest LOW sodium, cause the salsa and taco seasoning have more than plenty). I also only put in 1/2 of my jar of salsa, because I wanted some leftover to put on top of the soft taco.

I combined the soup, salsa, and taco seasoning. Then I stirred it together. Then I added chicken breast cutlets. The best part is you can add them in frozen! I am cooking it on low for 6 hours. I have made this before-- so I know it's going to come out well. I can't wait to eat it!

And then the 3rd thing I did while I was bored was read some Dwight Schrute quotes. In case you've missed out on NBC's "The Office"- Dwight is probably one of the best characters in the show. Here is a link to some of his most memorable quotes (I laughed a lot). And here are some funny pics I found:

Nothing like Dwight to say it so brilliantly! Anyway, I hope this beautiful Sunday finds you well-rested and doing wonderfully!

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