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Molding Young Minds (I do what I can)

In our lives-- there will come many moments that define us.

These moments may be happy and exciting.
They may be frightening and intense.
They may be life altering.

Or, in my case, they may be mortifying.

In case you didn't know, I am a teacher. That's right. I am responsible for helping to mold the minds of our future generation. (Are you scared yet? Cause I am)

So anyway, my story today-- my MORTIFYING moment-- reared its ugly head while I was teaching my students. In class we were discussing the idea of "pronouns". That we need to match the pronoun to the noun it is replacing. For example: Our sentence is "Jane runs quickly." If we want to put in a pronoun we would switch Jane for she. Now our sentence is "She runs quickly." (and, yes, I did just want to teach you a little pronoun lesson).

This is all beside the point (I'm trying really hard here to avoid saying what happened-- can you tell?)

So-- if you're still following along-- here is what happens:
  1. I am reading the directions on a workbook page.
  2. The students are following along as I read.
  3. I am reading really, REALLY quickly.
  4. I somehow stumble over the pronoun list.
  5. I stumble over the words "she" and "it" (Do you see what's happening here?)
  6. I somehow manage to come out and say the word sh**
  7. That's right. I said a curse word. In front of my 8 year old students.
  8. They all gasp (yes-- a COLLECTIVE gasp).
  9. I, being the professional that I am, keep on reading like nothing ever happened.
  10. My face turns red, but I pretend I didn't hear a thing.
  11. Eventually all of my students return to work and (hopefully) forget the time their teacher said a curse word in class.
My little plan seems to have worked. I haven't heard from any angry parents. I haven't heard my students talking about "the incident". *sigh of relief*

So what can we learn from this experience?


Oh- and if you curse in front of children- keep going and pretend it never happened. Chances are, they will forget it ever happened.

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