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Ponderous Ponderings...

Some days you just feel like a thinker...

Things I have pondered today:

1. If "ponderous" is a real word?

2. Reasons why I would make an awful criminal.

3. The difference between a burrito and a soft taco.

4. Why I sometimes get side cramps when I exercise. But not every time.

5. If 6 pm is too late to have coffee? (answer: no... or maybe... guess I will find out when I try to sleep!)

6. How much longer my jaw will continue to "pop" before it eventually quits functioning.

7. The reasons why I can't seem to keep a house plant alive...

8. Why our country is so obsessed with British royalty.

9. Why our country is so obsessed with Jersey Shore.

10. Why movie makers can't seem to come out with anything original. I feel our generation is doomed to only watch remakes.

11. And why, when there is an original movie, it has to be a "concert" movie. Or just a truly awful movie.

12. How come when you stare at a word or write it a lot-- the correct spelling seems to become incorrect?

And there you have it... a good day's worth of ponderings.

1 comment

  1. My ponderings on your ponderings:

    1. I think so. I use it. Therefore it is real.

    2. I bet some of ours are the same- bad liar, dislike being sneaky (unless it's for a fun reason like a surprise party), afraid of jail

    3. Burritos sometimes have icky things inside them, tacos are made just the way i like them

    4. I do not know

    5. Emphatically no.

    6. 12 years. Use them wisely

    7. Black thumb? Apathy? Forgetful? Hatred of all things green?

    8. Cause all we have is Obama.

    9. Cause it makes other peoples lives seem MUCH better

    10. There is nothing new under the sun

    11. Cause truly awful movies are sometimes truly hilarious

    12. Your brain (and mine) are crazzzy!


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