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In my life I have encountered many the awkward situation.

For example:
  • The one time a kid rolled up on his bicycle and asked for my phone number. Cause I was DEFINITELY his age (or not)...
  • The many times I waved/spoke to someone who clearly wasn't waving/talking to me...
  • The one time I farted in class. (7th grade... I was mortified)
  • The many times I've met new people but couldn't remember their names...
  • The one time I went on a date-- but didn't think it was a date-- so I brought along a friend.
  • The one time a friend brought me (and at least 3 other girls) on a date with her.
  • The one time I forgot to pull the labels off my new jeans. My pant size was broadcast to the world.
  • The one time I had a zit and applied too much zit cream. And in class my face started peeling. Making the zit even more obvious.
  • The one time I tried a "College and Career" Sunday School class-- only to discover it was full of ONLY married couples. And I was the only single person. Who didn't know anyone. And had nobody talk to me.
If you are human, then you have surely encountered the awkward situation.

In times of awkwardness, I have created some tips may help:

1. In case of any awkward situation: Master the "awkward turtle" hand motion (or turkey... or squid... whatever you like)
2. Learn to turn it into a joke.
3. Play with your phone... (aka: text friends to inform them of your current awkward situation)
4. If you are in an uncomfortable situation where you don't know anyone, simply stare at the ceiling-- like you see something intriguing or like you are thinking deeply. Or doodle on a paper. Like you are solving an algebra problem.
5. In case of awkward human interaction: Just smile and nod.
6. Run away.
7. In case of awkward party or social situations: Hide in the closest bathroom.

I am partial to #6... but I can never get up the courage to do it. Let's just say that #3 & 4 are my go to plans. I am a master at staring thoughtfully at a wall.

How do you handle awkward?

Ponderous Ponderings...

Some days you just feel like a thinker...

Things I have pondered today:

1. If "ponderous" is a real word?

2. Reasons why I would make an awful criminal.

3. The difference between a burrito and a soft taco.

4. Why I sometimes get side cramps when I exercise. But not every time.

5. If 6 pm is too late to have coffee? (answer: no... or maybe... guess I will find out when I try to sleep!)

6. How much longer my jaw will continue to "pop" before it eventually quits functioning.

7. The reasons why I can't seem to keep a house plant alive...

8. Why our country is so obsessed with British royalty.

9. Why our country is so obsessed with Jersey Shore.

10. Why movie makers can't seem to come out with anything original. I feel our generation is doomed to only watch remakes.

11. And why, when there is an original movie, it has to be a "concert" movie. Or just a truly awful movie.

12. How come when you stare at a word or write it a lot-- the correct spelling seems to become incorrect?

And there you have it... a good day's worth of ponderings.
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