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Bunch of Worthless Beans...

Remember what it was like to be a kid? Well, I most certainly do. When I moved to my current location my parents handed over boxes of old toys and stuffed animals. It was then I discovered 2 plastic bins of Beanie Babies. That's right. A horrendous 90's fad.
Beanie Babies. I LOVED them. I loved searching for new ones. I loved buying "unique" ones that would be worth thousands of dollars some day. I loved the thrill of it all.
There was only one thing I didn't see coming... My Beanie Babies are now worth less than a bag of beans. It sounds sad, but it's very true.
Out of interest, my boyfriend and I went through my Beanie Babies. I pulled up an online value finder and looked up each animal. And I had a LOT.
Sadly, most of my beanies can now be sold for .50 or less. I was a little disheartened. But at the same time, it was fun to go through the bins and feel like a little kid again. So I'm gonna share a few of my favorites that I found.
Sparky the dalmation (the first beannie I ever got-- the one that started the craze!)
Hoot the owl-- isn't he cute?
Twigs the giraffe
Interestly enough-- this beanie is one of the newest ones I had. It is a guinea pig. But according to my sources, it is the most valuable one I have. It is worth $12. That's right. Read it and weep. 12. dollars. Can't beat that!
Seaweed the otter
Weenie the dachshund

The entire collection. I forgot to count them all. I'm sure there are over 100. Maybe close to 200.
So now the real question. Should I sell them? Or keep them? Hm...


  1. Wow! I had/have about that many at my parents house in WA. I totally did the "these will be worth a fortune" thing and put the tag protectors on some... If you have ocean themed ones, they can go in your classroom! I totally have some of the same ones that you do!

  2. Anna, don't sell them. Do what Katie does. Use them to decorate your classroom. If you do an ocean theme, pull out octopusses and sharks. If you do a jungle theme, pull out monkeys, etc. You get the idea. Keep them. They could become a quick, easy, and cheap way to decorate your classroom.

  3. If I were you, I would get a bunch of cardboard boxes and build a beanie-baby zoo.


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