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Creeper of the Day

Never a dull moment in the sales industry...

Today's "Creeper of the Day" (well-- technically it was yesterday) goes to a man probably in his late 50's.

It all began as I was innocently folding shirts in the men's area.

He walked up beside me pushing his shopping cart (which I'm pretty sure was mostly empty).

"How're you?" He asked.
"I'm good," I replied nicely enough, "How're you?"
"Good." He said.

Then he stopped and gave me the icky "once over" body glance.

"You're looking good." He said with a creepy smile.
"Uhhhhh... thanks?" I said right before I bolted away and tried to find a place to hide.

For the next few minutes I continued to see the same creeper rolling his cart around the clothing area.

I continued to hide.

So thanks, creeper, for making me feel icky and uncomfortable. You are NOT appreciated.


  1. Here is the sad(?) truth: you are lookin' good. It's not the creeper's fault. He probably should keep his thoughts to himself, but still. Maybe you should try to look bad at work. I bet you'd still get hit on though. It must be something about the Wal-Mart uniform...
    When you start teaching, are you going to burn all your blue shirts and khaki pants?

    Did I spell khaki right?

  2. You want me to come beat 'em up?
    - Your Bro


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