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Trash Talk Tuesday (Movie Edition)

I'm not gonna lie. I've been very bored lately.

So to pass the time I have been watching movies.

Lots and LOTS of movies.

And I was originally going to post a normal "Trash Talk Tuesday", but I couldn't find much on the gossip front. So this week's theme will focus around movies.

127 Hours
When I started watching this movie I knew how it was going to end (This is the famous story of the hiker who got his arm stuck under a boulder and ends up having to cut it off to escape). What I forgot is that I don't like blood. Or pain. So this movie ended with me gritting my teeth and covering my eyes. James Franco, however, does a fabulous job. He holds the movie up all by his lonesome.
Final Decision: I thought overall it was a good movie. You just have to keep in mind most of the movie takes place in one location with only Franco on the screen (Although he does have flashes to other moments in his life). Also keep in mind it ends with... blood... But a good survivor movie. I just don't know if I'd recommend it to everyone.

Sucker Punch
I went into this movie preparing myself for the worst. It definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. However, it was a depressing plot line. And at times it gets VERY confusing. And I often felt like I was on drugs. And then I wondered why these women had to fight while wearing heels. And I felt like a feminist wanting to point out how stupid their costumes were. And I'm pretty sure there were like 4 plots on top of the main plot. Or maybe I was confused. I don't know.
Final Decision: Skip it. Unless you are a man who loves to watch women battling dragons and robots and such in skimpy outfits. 2 words: Acid trip

No Strings Attached
Premise: Couple meets. Couple becomes friends. Couple decides to use each other physically but not become "romantic". I'm pretty sure every person goes in to the theatre knowing how this movie will end. (And you are most likely correct). I think the part I enjoyed most was the acting. I like Natalie Portman. She always has these quirky characters, and she plays them very well. The plot was so-so. But there were cute parts and sappy parts and chick-flicky parts. Just keep in mind this movie is rated "R".
Final Decision: Go see it if you are a die hard fans of the cast. Or if you LOVE chick flicks. Otherwise I'd save it for rental (because I'm cheap)

Limitless was a fairly decent movie. There was action and drama and high-paid actors. It left me wondering about our ability as humans to actually use all of our brains instead of a small percentage. The ending was odd. It was one of those endings that makes the viewer decide what happened (which sometimes gets on my nerves-- just tell me how it is supposed to END. I want closure!)
Final Decision: Overall, a good movie. I don't know if I would recommend seeing in the theatre, but I think it's worth a rental.

Source Code

I really enjoyed Source Code. This was my kind of movie. Action packed, hot actor, fast plot. I think Jake G. finally did a good movie (after that icky Prince of Persia nonsense). I would definitely recommend this movie to someone if they like action movies. Keep in mind, it's a good movie- but perhaps one you may only want to see once.
Final Decision: Go see it if you are a fan of action movies. Skip it if you're looking for something deeper.

Scream 4

I am a fan of scary movies. In fact, I watch them so much it's hard to me to actually find a scary movie scary. And this movie was not scary. I will admit, I have seen all 4 of the Scream franchise movies. Out of all 4, I would probably rank this one as 2nd best. So if you're going to watch any of the Scream movies, watch the original or this one. Although... you kind of need to see the first to understand this one. In fact, when I was watching, I felt like I was seeing the 1st one all over again. Bottom line: It wasn't scary. I never jumped. I never got nervous. I was just kind of "blah" about it. I will say the acting wasn't terrible. The plot was pretty predictable. The ending was a little twisting (usually I spy the twist- but I missed it this time). So I will give it props for that.
Final Decision: I say save it for rental. Don't waste your $ unless you LOVE Scream or Wes Craven movies.


Creeper of the Day

Never a dull moment in the sales industry...

Today's "Creeper of the Day" (well-- technically it was yesterday) goes to a man probably in his late 50's.

It all began as I was innocently folding shirts in the men's area.

He walked up beside me pushing his shopping cart (which I'm pretty sure was mostly empty).

"How're you?" He asked.
"I'm good," I replied nicely enough, "How're you?"
"Good." He said.

Then he stopped and gave me the icky "once over" body glance.

"You're looking good." He said with a creepy smile.
"Uhhhhh... thanks?" I said right before I bolted away and tried to find a place to hide.

For the next few minutes I continued to see the same creeper rolling his cart around the clothing area.

I continued to hide.

So thanks, creeper, for making me feel icky and uncomfortable. You are NOT appreciated.
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