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Like a Moth to the Anna

I have a secret:

I see bugs.
I can spot any kind of bug from very far away.
If there is one lonely moth in a giant retail store, I will undoubtedly find it.
(Actually, I'm pretty sure the moths find me...)

I have a friend who abhors dogs. But for some reason dogs seem to like her. I have another friend who dislikes pets in general, yet they always seem to be drawn to her...

This begs the questions:

Do you think I see these moths because I fear them so much? (No laughing, this is a serious matter)
Or do you think the moths are naturally drawn to me because I hate them?

I vote for option #2. These hideously disgusting, venomous (true story) winged beasts search me out. They come for me in the night. They come for me in the daytime. They know I hate them. And they attack!

So far at work I have encountered a strange phenomenon: Moths about the size of your pinkie nail. I think they must come in the boxes or something. I once tried to trample a coworker in my haste to get away from one of these moths. And (I swear it) I went home that evening with a new bug bite on my neck. I'm pretty sure the moth got me. It probably planted some kind of egg in my neck and tiny moth creatures will come bursting forth and I will die.

Once I picked up a shirt from a table and was folding it... On the inside of the shirt was a dead moth. Like it had nestled itself into the shirt and died there waiting for me to find it. Yuck.

You may think I'm a little over-dramatic. But I fear the moth. They. Are. Disgusting.

Case in point: There is known to exist a moth with a 15-inch tongue. SAY WHAT?!? I feel ill just thinking about it.

I may pass out. Please hold.............

Then there is the giant Hercules moth. Sweet Jesus, I think this guy is about to be murdered:

I have had many other unpleasant experiences with bugs. Read this for another example.

And I'm sure you have fears too. Maybe not quite as strange as mine. (For example: I have another fear that I am going to choke on my food. Especially if I'm eating a mint or hard candy)

So don't judge me. I can't help it. But it's nice to know that other people have odd fears too (*cough*pleasefeelfreetoshareyours*cough*)

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  1. Am I the friend who abhors dogs or the one who dislikes animals in general? Cause I could be either one...

    Stephen is afraid to drive across/near water at night. Even if he can see it. He is afraid we will crash and drown.

    And me, I am irrationally afraid of spiders. I know that I am lot bigger and can crush them, but I still have Stephen kill them for me. Especially after seeing the hole in Janna's hand, I am terrified of getting bit. I am also slightly afraid of walking on something I can see through: like ladders, plexiglass, or skybridges with clear floors. Not sure why... And I have been known to panic in small, enclosed spaces. Like the elevator/egg up to the top of the STL arch.
    I will not be mocking your mottaphobia or judging it. Cause everyone has phobias. True story.


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