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It's Thursday, Thursday

Oh Thursday. Always bringing something fabulous my way.

So in case you've been living in a bubble (like me) and haven't heard (maybe you should consider yourself lucky?)- there is a new video sensation on youtube. Unfortunately for one 13 year old girl, it's not exactly a "winner". Rebecca Black's song and video "Friday" is officially the most disliked video ever on youtube.

I did watch it. It is a little sad. And her voice isn't very good. But one of the best things about America is that we can express ourselves however we want. We can post ridiculous videos and songs online for free and see what happens. And it doesn't matter if someone likes it or not. (Example: Justin Beiber managed to make himself an international star. And he sounds and looks like a little girl!)

If you'd like to join the rest of the Internet world-- feel free to watch the video here. In fact, I recommend you see it at least once. I laughed a lot. I feel bad. But oh well.

But perhaps the #1 reason to watch the original video is so that you can fully appreciate the magic of this next video. It is my new favorite! Click here to watch the magic unfold!

I'll leave you with these thoughts (and also informative):

"It's Thursday, Thursday. The day before Friday. The day after Wednesday. 2 days after Tuesday. Thursday, Thursday. 3 days after Monday. A full week from Thursday. A fortnight from the next."

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  1. I watched the first video so that I could appreciate the second video. The first one was BAD! But the second one is gone... What was it? Is there another link? I'm so intrigued!


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