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I Love to Laugh

Today I've been slaving away on my computer... Filling out job applications and hoping for something positive. After completing 5 applications, I decided it was time for a break. I needed a good laugh.

One show on TV that often (but not always) provides me a good chuckle is SNL. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite SNL skits with links to the videos. So feel free to watch and laugh along with me!

In no particular order:

1. Space Olympics (A goofy song about what will happen in the year 3022, when sporting events are held in space. Celebrity appearance: Michael Phelps)

2. Single Ladies (Beyonce's popular song... Starring 3 odd men who love to dance. Celebrity appearance: Justin Timberlake and Beyonce)

3. Debbie Downer (A recurring skit on SNL in which a woman constantly brings everybody down. This clip is my favorite because everyone on set starts laughing and can't stop. Celebrity appearance: Lindsay Lohan-- SCARY!)

4. Celebrity Jeopardy (Another recurring skit-- involving-- you guessed it-- Jeopardy and "celebrity" guests. This clip is my favorite because Ben Stiller does a spectacular impersonation of crazy Tom Cruise!)

5. Surprise Party (This skit involves a woman who can't keep a secret. She loves them. It never fails to make me laugh. Celebrity appearance: Christopher Walkin)

6. "He Likes You" (This skit is hilarious. I can't describe... You just have to watch. Celebrity appearance: Shia LaBeouf)

7. Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals (Exactly what it sounds like. Enjoy!)

8. The Gap (A recurring skit on SNL starring Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and David Spade. All 3 are dressed as women. This particular clip is only about 30 seconds long-- but totally the best part)

9. "Census Taker" (A skit about a census taker and the strange man he is interviewing. Celebrity Appearance: Christopher Walkin)

10. Dateline (A recurring skit starring Bill Hader. He interviews people who have encountered terrible events... except he does it in a VERY creepy way. Hilarious.)

I'm sure I could keep adding to this list-- unfortunately I don't have that much free time. I hope you enjoyed!
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