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Thursday's Tirade...

Yes... I realize today isn't Thursday. However, my Thursday was full of work and other things. So I didn't have a chance to tirade like I wanted...

I just had my first workout in... well... let's just say it had been awhile. Afterwards I realized I was falling back into my old, lazy ways. Mostly because my legs felt like lead and refused to move. Which-- naturally-- gave me a segue into thinking about how lazy people are-- which of course made me think of where I work... Thus, a tirade is to be had. This one will focus on the workplace. I see lots of interesting things happening there...

Things that annoy me in the working world:

1. People who wear their pajamas out in public. Really people? You had absolutely no other choice but to wear your pajamas outside of your house? Where are all your other clothes? Do you even OWN other clothes? How hard is it to take 5 minutes and change into normal clothes? And I am not referring to children here- I am talking about adults. Do us all a favor and go buy some normal clothing you would prefer to wear over your pjs. Thanks.

2. People who try on the same shirt-- same size-- in 2 different colors. Once again-- it's the same size. It's going to look the same. Just do me a favor-- as a sales associate-- and just try on one shirt. Cause chances are you aren't going to get either one, and I'll end up having to board fold them back to perfection.

3. Placing larger sized clothing on the bottom of a shelf or pile.This is not the fault of any particular person. But seriously, we need to realize that larger people tend to be less willing to bend back down and return that larger size to the bottom of the pile. Instead, they are going to fling it everywhere else. Or maybe this is just people in general. For shame.

4. Customers who steal things and leave the evidence behind. In random places. First of all-- how cheap are we that we need to steal makeup from a store? Or how about an ice-cream bar? Or a soda? You'd be surprised how much is stolen from a store on a daily basis. And you'd be even more surprised by the items stolen. I've found evidence of all of the above stolen-- plus things like jewelry, cameras, video games, and various items of clothing. As a society we are so cheap. Just fork over the few bucks and buy it. And please stop leaving behind the evidence-- stuffed in a pile of dress pants.

5. The "customer needs assistance" bell. This one should be self-explanatory. I heard the bell the first time. It takes me a minute to walk to the dressing room. But if you would like-- I can try sprinting there. Then maybe you won't feel the need to ring the bell 10x in a row. Oh- and in case you didn't realize- we left the dressing room doors unlocked. I hope you feel a little stupid when I open the door without a key. *cue smug face*

I'm sure there is much, much more to be found in the workplace. Do you ever see annoying people habits where you work? Or do you ever notice the same things I do? I hope I'm not alone. Maybe I'm just getting grumpier in my old age...

There's Something in My Eye.

Ok. Truth be told. There really IS something in my eye. And it's been there for awhile. And for all you wise guys (or girls) out there-- for clarification's sake:
1. NO! It's is NOT my finger.
2. It is not a tear. I only cry twice a year. I can't use them up already (seeing as to how it's only the first day of the year)

But-- this is all beside the point. The title ultimately has nothing to do with this post. Oh well.

Ok. It's a new year. Time for those so-called "resolution" things. According to my dad's sermon last week-- most people ultimately fail at keeping their resolutions. And it doesn't take us very long to do so.

Hard core fact #1: I did not fail my 2010 resolutions (that's right, admire the "s").
Hard core fact #2: I. am. awesome.

In fact, last year, instead of creating a measly 1 resolution that I would surely fail at-- I ended up creating 8 resolutions. (And no-- there is nothing in your eye-- that said 8-- you double checked didn't you?)

And here is how I roll:
1. Find a job. Yes. In fact, I didn't just find "a" job. I found 3. Now granted, none of them were the teaching job I wanted, but I blame the economy. In 2010 I worked at: MSU as a graduate student, McDonald's, and Wal-Mart (please don't laugh. They paid the bills.)
2. Write in journal daily. Now-- some days I may have forgotten and had to write twice the next day-- but every day of the year is accounted for. And that is the important thing, right? Nobody is perfect.
3. Cut back on road rage. Ok- I am still working on it. I think other people should make it their resolution to drive better.
4. Lose some weight. I did not set a goal weight. I knew if I set a goal I would only give up and disappoint myself like I've always done. Without the goal, I managed to lose 24 pounds. That's a lot more than I ever expected. And I dropped 2 pant sizes. Congratulations to me!
5. Do 2 things off my bucket list. Done and done! I saw Michael Buble in concert (swoon) AND played extreme laser tag (thanks to Heather and Stephen)
6. Go on a date. I really thought I would fail this one. But I got my date (June 7, 2010) and I got a boyfriend! Go figure.
7. Join a Bible study. This is another one that had various outcomes. I joined at least 2 Bible studies-- but because of relocation issues I never got to fully complete them. I am still counting this as a win, though.
8. Cut back on soda intake. As of today (January 1, 2011) it's been a year since I've had a drink of soda. I think this helped with the weight loss. Big time. And instead of soda I get my caffeine through coffee... Mmmmm...

So there you have it. I think I came out a winner. What resolutions did you set for yourself in 2010? Or what ones are you setting for 2011? Personally, I find it's best to aim high-- if you set the bar too low you won't feel the drive to accomplish anything. Or maybe that's just me.

Now if you'll excuse me... There's something in my eye.
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