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Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!

In my last post I wrote about all those wonderful Christmas tunes that drive me up a wall. I was also issued a challenge by my brother. According to him, it's easier to think of songs we hate as opposed to songs we enjoy. I have to wholeheartedly disagree. I love lots of Christmas songs. For me it was harder to make a list of ones I disliked.

So, to avoid sounding like Scrooge by only posting my dislikes, I will now list holiday songs I DO enjoy. Feel free to disagree-- Jesus gave everyone their own likes and dislikes. But don't rain on my parade too much. I have some weird tastes. I won't apologize.

(Disclaimer: These songs are listed in no particular order. They are numbered merely for my benefit.)

Christmas Songs I Enjoy (Or that make me happy)
  1. Last Christmas (Wham)
    Yes, I know this song isn't about Jesus... But it makes me laugh. It's so horribly cheesy. My favorite part just may be the music video. I really DO love the 80's...

  2. All I Want For Christmas is You (Mariah Carey)
    I don't know why I like this song... The more I have listened to it, the more it's grown on me. I guess I just like how it's upbeat.

  3. Christmas Waltz
    There are a lot of versions of this song out there. I just attached Frank's because it seems to be the original(?). I like this song mostly because it doesn't get stuck in my head for endless hours and it's easy to sing along with it.

  4. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it snow! (Michael Buble)
    A classic, no doubt. But I really prefer the jazzy Michael Buble version. It makes me happy.

  5. Sleigh Ride (Instrumental version)
    I prefer Sleigh Ride to be only instrumental. I'm not against the words, but in this particular case I enjoy the melody more than the lyrics.

  6. Carol of the Bells (Mormon Tabernacle Choir)
    Does this song remind anyone else of Home Alone? Or was it Home Alone 2? Hm... My high school choir used to sing this around Christmas. A lot. I still know the alto part.

  7. What Child is This? (The Hymnal)
    A classic. Greensleeves? Whatever. I like minor keys.

  8. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (The Hymnal)
    I had a lot of songs to choose from in the Hymnal... I guess I really like the lyrics and melody of this song.

  9. Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming (The Hymnal)
    I know churches hardly ever do this song-- but I think it's really beautiful and sadly under-appreciated. Is that a word? It is now.

  10. I'll Be Home For Christmas (Michael Buble)
    So, I think this song can definitely be overplayed. But I love the Michael Buble version. He can come to my home for Christmas any day. As long as he doesn't sing his version of "Grown-Up Christmas List. Ew.

  11. It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas (Harry Connick Jr.)
    I think I have a thing for guys who sing in the crooner-style voices. Anyway, I like his version of this song. I'm sure the original is great too.

  12. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? (Ella Fitzgerald)
    I like jazz songs. This one-- does it count as a Christmas song?-- makes me happy inside. Thus it makes the list.

And there you have it. What makes me sad is that secular Christmas radio stations don't play very many songs that talk about Jesus. Maybe that's why I get tired of "regular" Christmas songs? Please feel free to share your favorites with me!


Christmas Time is Here...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
Frosted windowpanes, candles gleaming inside...
And many more Christmas songs blaring from various sources.

Don't get me wrong. I love me some good Christmas music. I just like variety. And I don't appreciate the same song being played within 6 hours of previous playing-- even if it's a different person singing. It's still the SAME song.

I know everybody has their favorite Christmas songs. And I also know everybody has Christmas songs they absolutely can't stand. So I am writing today about those horrible Christmas songs-- I have taken care and weighed many options and compiled a list of my 10 least favorite Christmas songs. Feel free to disagree (But really, you shouldn't because these are BAD).

Christmas Songs I Wish Weren't...
  1. Christmas Shoes- Newsong
    Cheesy beyond all cheese. I feel no sympathy for the pathetic child in the song. So sue me.

  2. Santa Baby- ANY VERSION
    Horrible lyrics. What is she thinking-- singing to a creepy, fat man who comes into her house in the middle of the night?!? So wrong. I'll pass.

  3. Santa Claus is Coming to Town- Bruce Springsteen
    I know this song is considered a classic-- but this version really rubs me the wrong way. I think it's the way he shouts the lyrics. Lame.

  4. Happy Birthday Jesus
    No... Chances are Jesus wasn't even born around December. And what's with the children singing? Just stop.

  5. I Want a Hippopotamus
    This woman has a super annoying voice. And the lyrics don't make any sense. All I want for Christmas is for her to STOP SINGING!

  6. Feliz Navidad
    What the heck is the deal with this song? Is it just an easy way to teach our kids Spanish? Doubtful. It's repetitive and entirely overplayed.

  7. Where Are You Christmas- Faith Hill
    One word comes to mind: Barf. Where did Christmas go? It ran away after listening to this song.

  8. Grown-Up Christmas List- Amy Grant
    And I quote: "No more lives torn apart, that wars would never start, and time would heal our hearts. And everyone would have a friend, and right would always win, and love would never end..." I need to watch the Hallmark channel now...

  9. Blue Christmas- Elvis
    I have never been a fan of the King's voice. And this song does anything BUT get me into a holly-jolly mood.

  10. Chipmunk Christmas Song (Hula-Hoop)
    The chipmunks... Enough said.

And what about you? Feel free to share your likes/dislikes. I am always looking for more to add to my list.

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