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Trash Talk Tuesday

2 weeks in a row? Say it isn't so! Here we go! (And, honestly, I didn't intend to rhyme so much)

Did You Look in the Mirror Today?!?

Dear Kim Kardashian, How many birds did you kill to make your coat? Will you be eating those birds for Thanksgiving? Just wondering-- Anna

Dear Kesha, I said it last week and I'll say it again. You are scary. Please go away and stay away. Thank you-- Anna

Sexiest Man Alive 2010
This year Ryan Reynolds was named sexiest man alive by People magazine. I do think that Mr. Reynolds is cute. But sexiest man alive? Not so sure… I’ll keep pulling for Gerard Butler!

Singing Doctors
The creator or Grey’s Anatomy has recently hinted that next season there will be a musical episode. Sure, musical episodes work great with comedy shows—such as Scrubs… But I’m not sure how great it’ll be on a drama show like Grey’s Anatomy. Oh well—it's not like I watch it anymore anyway.

Bieber Bags the Big One
Last night the American Music Awards were on TV. Of course I didn’t watch it—mostly because I find award shows to be pretentious and stupid. But apparently the biggest stir of the evening happened when Justin Bieber won artist of the year. ARTIST OF THE YEAR?!? What in the world is going on in the music industry?!? Mind boggling. I can’t handle it…

Oh Oprah...
This last week Oprah did her annual (and final?) “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode. The episode where she gives audience members gifts that cost ridiculous amounts of money. All because she is so charitable. Too bad she isn’t rich enough to give everyone in the United States something. Or is she?!? But—SURPRISE! She didn’t just have one episode of favorite things—she had 2. That’s right. 2 days of giving out ridiculous gifts. Here are some things the audience received: iPads, diamond earrings/watches, 2012 VW Beetle(that’s right, a new car), digital camera, 3D TV, 5 year subscription to Netflix, designer brand clothing/purses/shoes, new books and cd’s, and a 7 day cruise. I knew I should have signed up to go see her show… oh well.


  1. wtf? greys anat goes musical? i think someone's on drugs. ridiculous.

  2. When a show has a "musical" episode, it usually signals that the show should end. Because the writers have no more ideas.

    Man, I was pulling for Alan.

  3. Yes, I'm late, but here is my return rant:

    I'll just say it-- my husband is the sexiest man alive. However, when I was a single lady (cue Beyonce music), I found Ryan Reynolds super attractive. I'm ok with this years choice. Gerard Butler would have also gotten my vote.

    Seriously, Grey's Anatomy just needs to quit. They will never be Scrubs. Scrubs is funny. Grey's Anatomy has lesbians. The end.

    How is it that music has fallen so far in the last 15 years that a 14 year old boy who sounds like a 13 year old girl gets Artist of the Year? Why not give it to me? I can bang metal trash can lids together and sound about as good as Justin Bieber...

    Oprah. Unfortunatly, I can only think of super hatful things to say about her. And I don't want to have to apologize to Jesus later, although He might secretly think the same things... Hmmmm. I should stop. It's past my bedtime.



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