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Trash Talk Tuesday

It's back. The trash talk, that is. At first I couldn't find much-- and then I found too much. For you guys, Stephen and Heather Cowden, I make this trash talk happen. Enjoy!

Did You Look in the Mirror?!?
Dear Snoop Dogg, this picture of you makes me giggle. My favorite part is that you are trying to bring back the trend of wearing socks with your sandals. You are awesome! -- Anna

Dear Ke$ha, please stop trying to be unique and hip. It's not working. It's a little scary. Please go away and don't come back until you actually learn how to sing. -- Anna

Dear Jada Pinkett Smith, apparently when you got dressed this morning you forgot to put on your pants. I would sincerely appreciate it if you put them on next time. Thanks!- Anna

New Wolverine "Sequel"

The newest Wolverine sequel is in the works. Of course it’ll star the ubber hot Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The title of this new film? “The Wolverine”. I kid you not. Kind of lame, if you ask me. But oh well… The movie will supposedly take place in Japan and show Wolverine battling against the “Silver Samurai”. Huh. I guess I would understand better if I had read the comics?

Prince William Off the Market

This week one of the biggest stories is that Prince William announced his formal engagement to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton. The couple has been dating for 8 years and has finally decided to make it official. I find it very interesting how much the US public is obsessed with the lives of British royalty. Maybe it’s because we don’t have any royalty of our own? I say they’re all crazy!

Backstreet Boys + New Kids on the Block

Sources say that the Backstreet Boys are working negotiations to go on tour w/ NKOTB in 2011… For starters—I didn’t realize either of these groups were still together. Will they be singing their classics? Or merely trying to revamp old songs and change styles? I am not a fan of this idea… Now if it were ‘Nysnc… Hmmmmm… Nope. Still can’t imagine it. I think it’s time for these boys to let go of their famous pasts and move on. Cause the rest of us have.

Mr. President-- The Actor

Word on the street is that former President, Bill Clinton, filmed a cameo spot in the upcoming movie “The Hangover 2”. Am I the only person in the world who didn’t find “The Hangover” hilarious and captivating? I watched it and laughed about 2 times. I don’t understand why people liked it so much. Because of this lack of enthusiasm, I will definitely be skipping out on the sequel… Sorry Mr. President.

And I'd like to end this edition of TTT with a hilarious quote I found online...
"If Elton John and Madonna had a baby it would be Lady Gaga." - Jon Bon Jovi (so true!)

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