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Thursday's Tirade...

Do you ever have those days when everything seems to get on your nerves? That was definitely me yesterday (and even a little today). So to help myself vent, I've decided to share these annoyances with the world. Congrats to you if you choose to read more!

Things that make me angry:

1. Paying my alma mater (SBU) $12 just so they can send out a copy of my transcript. Really SBU?!? Really?!? I already owe you thousands of dollars-- and you decide it's "fair" to make me pay you MORE money just so I can try to get a decent job. And then I will use the money from that job to pay you even more money. Wow, it's a visicious cycle!

2. Singers who feel the need to sing/rap their names or nicknames in their songs. Thanks for tootin' your own horn. We really appreciate it! NOT.

3. Child stars. Not in the movies so much as the ones who enter talent competitions. You are a child! Take time to live your life, grow up a little, and then return to the lime light. I don't want to see you-- no matter how "adorable" or "talented" you may be.

4. Wind. Please stop ruining my good hair days. Stop blowing my car all over the road. Stop being annoying. You are NOT appreciated!

5. The stretchy bottom sheet on the bed. Why are those types of sheets so hard to put on the bed? And why don't they ever stay on correctly? I hate it.

Actually, I feel a little better. Maybe a little venting is healthy?


  1. Dearest Anna,
    I know why we are matey souls. The things that annoy you are some of the very things that annoy me. It's like it was meant to be-- you and me.
    1. Sbu. Pah. 'Nough said.
    2. Jason Duruloow. Or however you spell his name. Lame. And Usher. Boooooooo. Just stop. No one likes you.
    3. Child stars are out of control. No seriously, I think there should be an age limit on celebrity. Like 20. 20 is a good age to try to be famous. You graduate high school, do a little college (at least an AA), figure out who you are as an ADULT(ish at 20...), then try to get rich. But when a 7 year old is belting out the national anthem and it's flat but no one cares cause the kid is "sooo cuuute!!", no. Uh uh. Done.
    4. Curse the wind! I would murder the wind if it were an object to be murdered. I mean, I know God made it, but still. I hate it almost as much as I hate bugs, Texas summers, and mushrooms.
    5. I'll just say it: I hate sheets. I hate them all. Top sheet, bottom sheet, flannel sheet, stupid stupid sheets.

    But I love Anna!

  2. Heather does hate sheets. In fact, when we wake up in the morning, we always find that she has shed the sheet and kept the blanket. She claims that I am a sheet thief, but I know this is not true. I am a kind-hearted person. I also stand up for myself... I don't take sheet from nobody!


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